Saturday, December 25, 2010

Fimo tutorial part 5 - Donut!

First of all, Merry Christmas everyone!! :D Here´s my fifth fimo-clay tutorial, Donut! Consider it as a christmas-gift... ;)

Okay! And this was the last fimo-tutorial, I hope they´ve been useful for you and you´ve enjoyed modelling. ^^ Of course there´s always a possibility that I´ll do more of these tutorials in the future... ;)
Also I have something to tell you: I´m currently on holiday at the United Arab-Emirates! I´m visiting my family, they live here in Al-Ain, so I´m taking a little break with blogging for now. Don´t worry, I´ll be back soon, so don´t go anywhere. ;) And when I come back, I´ll have lots of stuff to blog about! Nails and shoppings and christmas gifts... ^^
But for now, see you probably next year, enjoy your holidays and have relaxing christmas! <3

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Blingy pre-Christmas -nails

Just a quick nail post this time! :)
I was at pre-Christmas party while ago, and here´s the manicure I did for the party:

I used the H&M ´Gold´, which just bought, and dipped the tips to glitter-powder.
I really like how they turned out, so blingy and sparkly. ^^ I love blingy nail designs, but removing them is just pain! :'D I wonder how I get those off...

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fimo tutorial part 4 - Candy cane!

I know I said that the next tutorial would be donut, but that has to wait now because christmas is coming! So here we go, candy cane tutorial for christmas! :D
Candy canes are probably the easiest to make, so I suppose I should have done this as the very first of the tutorials, but now it´s more current. :) First I thought to leave texts out because you don´t really need them, I think you see everything important by just looking the pictures. But I did them anyway, maybe they´re useful.

Okay. I hope it´s useful! ^^ Next time I´ll do the donut-tutorial! :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

It´s quite sophisticated...

... or that´s what I think of these nails:
Beige and nude --> pretty! :)
Nail piercing! :DD
I bought some new nail polishes couple of days ago, and used some of them on that design. First I sponged `Dust and Diamonds` on the tip, and then one layer of shimmery `Gina` from Wet and Wild. Then I added some Brown pearls on my ring- and index finger! You might recognize those nail piercing jewelleries from my earlier post, here.

H&M nail polishes I bought: Dust and Diamonds,Pink Mist and Gold.
This one is my favorite! :3
Polishes I used on the nails: Wild and Crazy Gina and H&M Dust and Diamonds.
Okay. It feels like forever since I last updated altough it was only 5 days ago! I´m sorry! :''D My blog is running late, I have so much things I should post about, but I´m too busy at the moment! D: Be patient, I´m doing the best I can. ^^
My dear friend was almost two months on holiday in Vietnam, and last week she finally came back! Yey! :D She told me she was at manicure every week while staying there. I want too! It would be wonderful if someone else did my nails for a change. :) And just look at her nails!

So p r e t t y ! *w*
I want to learn how to do that kinds of manicures! OwO Yeah.
I´ll try to get something done here, hopefully I´ll be able to post more often. Luckily I have some help:

Nippe was helping me while I was blogging! ^^

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I haven´t posted for a while, but I have a good reason for that! I was at Lapland! ^^ There was so beautiful but very dark, I didn´t see a glimpse of sun while staying there. We in Finland call that kaamos, I suppose it´s polar night or something in english. :) Anyway that means that sun doesn´t rise at all in northern Finland. o_o Somehow it didn´t bother me, altough I love sun. Polar night just makes Lapland an exotic and fascinating place! I still wouldn´t move there permanently! :D Just look at this (warning, lots of pictures coming up!):

There were christmas-lights everywhere! And behind you can see the slopes.
SPA was completely renovated, there were plenty of pools inside and outside. Also hot- and cold-water pools.
Smurfs!!! xD
They´re still working on that snow-sculpture. It was amazing already! And it wasn´t the only one.
Of course a little break at Coffee House... ^^

The World Cup -Slope, Levi Black! o_o
It doesn´t even look that stark in the pics, but believe me, it was! :'D
There was quite misty on the top of  Levi-arctic hill... :D
And that´s how my nails looked during the mini-holiday. Simple french! :)
Ahh. So what do you think? Wanna be there? ;) I´m back home already, but that sure was such an refreshing little holiday! ^^
PS. My blog has almost 80 followers! Wow! :D Thank you all of you, and welcome! ^^

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lovely blog-award

Mirka from Red Cherry gave me this `One lovely blog´-award! Thank you very much, I appreciate it! ^^

Idea is to give this award forward to 15 other lovely blogs. I´m giving it forward to my favorite blogs, that I like to read. I´m sure many of them have already got this, but here we go, anyway (these aren´t in any order, and these aren´t all of them!):

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So there they are. Some of them are written in Finnish, but if you don´t speak the language then maybe google translator helps... ;)
I´m sorry, no nails this time! ^^'

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nail visitor and some Christmas-things!

Lots of pictures coming up!

I polished Katys nails couple of days ago. H E R E is more pics, check it out, I really like the way they turned out! And Katy was happy too. :)

Minne Mouse -nails! :D
Then I made some christmas gifts! I haven´t decided yet which is going to who, but here´s a sneak peak:

LOTS of cake-earrings, cookies and other cute stuff! All made of fimo-clay. :)
Donut-earrings are for me! ;)
Btw, I bought myself a new nail polish! It´s so gorgeus, I have to share couple of pics of it:

Models own - Disco Mix
So sparkly!*w*
Here was a huge snowstorm week ago and now there´s very much snow outside, at least 30 cm. That also means lots of ploughing for me... My arms ache! :'D And it´s freezing  and dark! That makes photographing quite difficult.

Snowstorm. o_o
Christmas lights!

Ahh, so beautiful! Altough it´s too cold, I´m lovin´ t! ^w^