Friday, July 1, 2011

A Little Something About ME

My fb profile pic...
WARNING - super long post with lots of pictures and videos! ;)
Now I'm finally going to tell you more about myself! :) Sorry it took so long, my blog already has over 200 wonderful followers... <3 Thank you! I'm now in Finland, and it's been surprisingly warm and sunny (I was expecting rainy weather...) so I've been enjoying that and also spending time with my friends. <3 I'm not sure if I should take summer break from blogging, but I'll do at least couple posts more and decide then. I feel like I have so much stuff to do now when I finally got here! :D
Anyway, that's the newest pic of me, haha I look quite serious... xD As you can see, my hair is pretty long now... Last time I went to hair dresser was last winter, I think... Or was it autumn? xD I should cut it little shorter, but somehow I keep forgetting. :'D Besides I like my hair long! ^^
I have no idea what to write now, so I'll just share some random things and pics with you! ;)

I've already told you this, but I have to wear respectful clothing at the UAE... Which pretty much means leggings in every outfit. :P I swore that since I'm in Finland now, I'm so not gonna wear leggings at all! xD I hope I can keep that promise. :'D

I'm in love with strawberry cheesecake. I love pretty much all cheesecakes, but strawberry cheesecake is so delicious... :9 And even better, if it's strawberry cheesecake from Starbucks! ^^

Me with my sister! ^^

I love my friends!! <3 I missed them so much when I was away, and I'll miss them even more when I leave again. :< They're very important to me, and I can always trust them. We've always had great time together, and will always have. I feel so lucky to have so many amazing friends! ^^

The world's fastest roller coaster at Ferrari park! That was so cool!

I love roller coasters! :DD (Okay very random... :'D)

I'm easily distracted. And I love to doodle stuff to my notebooks. That's a page from my maths notebook... The texts are: "1/e <-- this'll make me pass!" and "Are you still with me? -YEAH!" ...that's what our teacher asked, and everyone else was like yeah sure we are, but me and my friend had already fallen faaar behind... xD For me maths is just torture, and stupid as I am, I chose the long course which is even harder than the normal, short maths. Why did I do so, I have no idea. =_= I consider that choice as one of the biggest mistakes I've made, but now it's too late to do anything about it. :P

Yeaaah, super bass stereos! :D The huge bass booster is on the floor. ;)
I LOVE MUSIC. I couldn't live without music... Even though I can't play anything and I'm terrible singer, I love to listen to music. I have so many favorite songs, and I'd like to share them all with you, but I can't because the list is so long... Anyway, here's some songs I'm in love with right now:

Where them girls at - David Guetta, Flo Rida, Nicki Minaj

Beyoncé - Check On It (reggaeton remix)

Bloodhount Bang - The Bad Touch

Top of the world - The Cataracs ft. DEV

Boomerang - Akon, Pitbull, Jermaine Dupri

Many of horror - Biffy Clyro

Häissä - Jare & VilleGalle (some Finnish music! :D)

...Okay I could keep listing them forever! :DD Hey, I think I'll start adding my favorite songs in the end of my posts! :D

The Best Apple Pie in the world!!! :9
I love cooking, but I don't cook very often because I'm lazy. ;__; I'm better to cook desserts and other sweet stuff more than "real" food...

Yep, I made chicken. xD Yummy!

I could keep going on and on, but this post is becoming very long and super messy... :'D So that's it about me for now, what do you think? :D
Huh, I feel like it's been forever since I last did a proper nail-post, so that's what's coming up next! ^^


  1. So cool to learn more about you ^^
    This cheesecake makes me dream [8

  2. Hahahha! I Loved this post!<3 We are also very happy to have someone like u as our friends, u dumb bitch who took the freaking long math course! >:D Loving the doodles and music!!! B)


  3. rock-or-not: Haha, I'm glad u liked this post! ^^

    Lena: Hahaha, I love all you guys! xD) Hehe, I've been searching new music lately... ;)

  4. You are so pretty! I love cheescakes too, but can't eat them very often (you know the calories:P). That roller coaster looks insane! The scariest one that I've riden was in Tokyo, but it was alot smaller than that!

  5. Haha thank you! <3 And I know, cheesecakes are delicious but I can't eat them as much as I'd want to! xD I've never been in Tokyo, but I'd really want to go there one day. ^^

  6. "...strawberry cheesecake from Starbucks! ^^"
    > naama valahti sillee "<8-C" koska tajusin ettei suomessa oo starbucksii ja ettei mul oo varaa mansikkajuustokakkuun ja nyt mun tekee sun takia iha pirusti mieli mansikkajuustokakkuu ja oon ties kuinka kauan halunnu päästä starbucksiin, fuck you steve!

    mut sit luin eteenpäi ja ku pääsin jaree ja villegallee asti ni naama meni ">DD"

    JA FUU FUU FUU oot suomessa? 8(( MIKSEI MUL OO RAHAA JUST NYT asdasda ryöstän jonku kohta........pakko nähhä!

  7. Tee ite juustokakkuu! :D Tai sit ainaki ku nähää ni leivotaa jotain ylpeetä! ;DD
    Hyvä musa piristää aina! :D))
    Juuh Suomes ollaa, mä raahaudun vaik sit Joutsaan tai jonnekki, kyl täs ehtii <3

  8. Sorry for taking me so long to visit!! I really enjoyed reading this post;D We have so much in common, I love roller coasters and strawberry cheese cake too~!! and I also used to be destructed a lot during math class XD Only the difference is, you're soooo beautiful!!! I seriously thought you're like a model;p I think it's important to have occasional breaks from blogging(which I have too often;p). So you can enjoy it when you really want to blog about something! We'll wait for your post forever~<3

  9. Haha, sorry that it took so long for me to answer your comment! ;D I'm glad you enjoyed this post, and I think it's amazing how much we actually have in common! :D It's kinda cool! xD
    I'm not model, but thank you so much!! ^3^
    I think there might have to be some blogging breaks, because I'm travelling a lot nowadays... :P But it's so nice to know that you'll wait for my posts! ^^
    Thank you again for leaving such a nice comment~! <3

  10. Hihi, mä oon tossa yhessä kuvassa xD Toi Starbucksin juustokakku on ainoo juustokakku mistä tykkään!