Monday, November 29, 2010

Fruity nails

It´s winter already, I know that. And I love snow, but I also love summer! So altough there´s super cold and it´s snowing at the moment, I wanted to have my fruit-salad manicure! Since I now have my fruit fimos, there was nothing to stop me; may I present you my fruity manicure!

Mmm, they make me think about summer... ^^
Models Own - Lemon merinque as a base
I love it, such a pale and beautiful yellow!
I sponged H&M´s Dollar green on Models Own Lemon merinque...
...and added lots of little slices of fimo-fruits on top!
 It would be nice to have sun back (seriously I haven´t seen it for weeks!), but like I said I love to have snow. I just wish it wouldn´t be so cold! :'D
Then something else: I was at crafts-fair last weekend! There was so much interesting and beautiful stuff, I wanted to buy almost everything but I couldn´t... :(  So I bought some things that are officially for scrapbooking or cardmaking, but I´m going to use them on my nails:

Rhinestones and pearls
 And then something for jewellery making:

I have big plans for these little things! ;)
That´s all this time! Let´s enjoy the snow! ^_^

Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Header !!!

Finally, my brand new header is ready! :D Yey! I like this one more than that previous one, because this is all made by me. ^^ There´s things that I like and mean something to me (+ they are pretty!). Here´s some close-ups:

Hello Kitty -watch my mom bought me :3 It´s quite blingy!
Pearl -necklace is a christmas present from my grandma. :)
Hello Kitty - hair clip I bought with my sister from Italy ^^
These I bought from Tsukicon~
I love this little box, and inside there´s some of my favorite nail polishes and jewellery.
I also changed my profile-pic to new one, because the previous one was quite old. ^^ So what do you think? :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Off with their heads!

But I dont mean people here. ;) My nails went through a radical make-over... o_o Yeah, did you guess?

So short!

 I know that for some people even that lenght is long, but for me it´s short. :< I had a little accident on my index finger, so everyone had to go. But well, maybe it´s good to keep them short for a while.

      I also bought couple of new polishes while ago; I used Wet n´Wild - Pink sheen. I love it, it has lots of silver shimmer in it! ^^

We also visited at Helsinki with my media-class. We went to PISTE (period) which is an student visitation place arranged by Helsingin Sanomat (Finnish newspaper). There you can try out how is it like to be an journalist. It was very exciting! They gave us little notebads and cellphones, and then we walked around tiny-Helsinki they had built underground and wrote an article to newspaper. Not real one, of course, we were just experimenting. :D But it was cool!

Helsingin Sanomat - office building

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fimo tutorial part 3 - Bow!

Now it´s time for a new fimo-clay tutorial. :) As I promised, it´s bow!

I hope there´s no huge grammar mistakes or anything, I was quite tired while editing the pictures... =_= But yeah, here they are, and if you have any questions you can always ask! ^_^
And remember, again, that if you´re doing bows for your nails, make sure they are tiny enough and shaped properly (like here)!
Next up in fimo tutorials is a DONUT! ;9

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tsukicon- nails and shopping

I know this post is really late, but anyway, here it is. I was in Tsukicon (it´s an japanese music and fashion related happening) and I had quite over the top nails there. Just look:

 Yeah, what can I say. My own nails are quite long, but 3 cm is too much for me! :'D I was quite lost with them, when I had to seek coins out of my wallet or take pictures or write text-message... That was almost too much to handle, but I took it like a man! >:''D I´d have wanted to apply them better, because they looked a bit messy... :< I had only half an hour time in the morning, so I was in hurry and hadn´t time to finish them properly. Btw, those are the nail tips I posted about earlier, some of you might remember. ;)
Then my shoppings from Tsukicon! I bought some nail stuff:

Pink pearls, black rhinestones and blings
Super blingy 3D rhinestone stickers for toe nails
Fimos! (not fimo-clay)
Now I can do a fruit salad -manicure!
 About those fimos, I find it very confusing to have fimo-CLAY and fimo-STICKs (or whatever they are), since they are two different things with quite similar name. :s I haven´t solved that problem yet, how should I call them so I wouldn´t mix them together? Oh this is hard. :'D

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Checkered nails (+SNOW!)

For a change, a nail post! ( More tutorials are coming though, I´m not finished yet!) This is actually quite old design, but I had time to post it now.

I think they´re cute ^^
Polishes I used: Rimmel London clouds, Diffi and IsaDora matte top.

I really like how they turned out, but I don´t think that the IsaDora matte top is matte enough, at least my nails were still shiny though I added it. Or does that look matte to you, look at the second picture! :< But can´t help it, I haven´t found other one. I´ll just  have to keep looking.
Anyway, inspiration for these nails is from HERE, my friend Katys blog. She has recently started blogging, and has some very cool nails and fashion related things in her blog. Check it out! :)
I also went to see the newest Harry Potter with Katy and my sister. It was so good!!! I´ve kinda grown up with Harry Potter, I mean the books and movies! So it was a bit nostalgic to see the first part of the last movie... I can´t wait for the second part! OwO
Wednesday was the premiere, and we went to see it then. It was very scary to sit there and save seats for my friends, when the angry and seatless Harry Potter-fans were surrounding me and giving me veeery angry stares... :< That sure was the last time I´ll ever queue alone! :'D
And guess what! It was snowing! It looks so beautiful outside now! *w*

Yes we have christmas lights already... ^^'
Poor Sippe, her foots are so short and there was lots of snow!
Niilo was so funny, she was so thrilled with all that snow!
Jumping around...
She´s looking cunning :3
See you soon! :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fimo tutorial part 2 - Cookies!

Here´s the tutorial for fimo-cookies. This time there´s more pics and less text, click the pics to make them bigger!

If you want to do cookies for nails, remember to make them tiny enough to fit on your nails, and if you have curved nails, you have to make sure that the cookie is shaped properly so it won´t stick out too much!

Like this :)
That´s it this time! Next in the fimo tutorials is... Bow! I´m going to Helsinki tomorrow, but I´ll do it as soon as I can. Ask if you have any questions about cookie-tutorial, and let me know if you have any wishes for the next tutorial! ^_^
PS. 61 followers already! Thank you so much everyone! I´m glad you find my blog interesting enough to read! <3

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fimo tutorial part 1 - Chocolate bar!

Finally, here it is! The fimo tutorial! And we are starting with... Chocolate bar! :9 White chocolate, technically, but chocolate any way. So here´s what we´re going for:

I´m sorry that for the lighting of these pics, I didn´t have sun light while taking these pictures. :(
( The colours of different chocolate bars are slightly different due to lighting, I´m sorry! Please don´t let it bother you.) You can click the pic to make it bigger! :)
 Okay. I hope the picture is helpful! Here´s more detailed instructions:

Step 1. White chocolate isn´t actually pure white, it´s little yellowish. So if you don´t have the right colour of fimo-clay, you have to do it yourself! Take a lump of white fimo-clay ( the size doesn´t matter, it depends on what size you want your chocolate bar to be. The one I made is about 1,5 cm x 2 cm.) and a smaller slice of yellow fimo-clay. Mix them thorough together to get the colour right. ( of course you can make milk- or dark chocolate also, I just made white chocolate!)

Step 2. Shape the piece of clay to form approximately a thick square plate.

Step 3. Share the square to form the pieces of chocolate. Use small knife and remember to make the edges oblique ( look at the picture). It makes the chocolate look more realistic than if you just "draw" couple of lines with a knife.

Step 4. Flatten the edges of chocolate bar. Press the edges with the flat of the knife, and remember to bevel the edges again (look at the picture)!

Step 5. Cut off the extra clay from the edges to make the shape fitted.

Step 6. If you want to, you can add some text on the chunks of your chocolate bar to make it more detailed. I wrote `MILK` with a pin.
Note: If you want to do earrings ( for example) you have to remember that fimo-clay hardens in oven, so you have to do all holes and stuff like that before baking! And if you´re going to use this chocolate as nail accessory, you have to make sure it´s right shaped and thin enough, otherwise it´s going to be really annoying to have a huge chunk of chocolate on your nail to stick on your hair and clothes...

And we´re ready! Now you have to "bake" your chocolate to make it harden. Put it in oven for 30 minutes and 110 degrees (celcius).

That´s it. I hope this was a useful tutorial, please tell me your opinion and let me know if I can do anything better for my next fimo-tutorial, which btw is going to be Cookies! And if you have questions about chocolate bar, tell me! ^_^

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Crackle nails

Remember the crackle nail polish I bought from Helsinki? Here´s some better pics of it:

Charlie pink-nail polish and Isadora Graffiti -top.
It looks quite cool! :D
I think that those crackle-polishes are such a handy invention! If you don´t have much time, you can just polish your nails with colourful nail polish as the base, and just use crackle polish on the top. It takes only couple of minutes that the base dries, and the crackle-effect is immediate! I was amazed how quickly it began to crackle. :)
Nothing else this time, but I promise to do the tutorial soon! ^_^

I hope everyone has relaxing weekend! <3