Monday, May 30, 2011

London / New York?

I've seen this kinds of designs a lot, but I like the idea so much I wanted to do my version of it. And I like it on my nails! ^^ This time I remembered to take pictures while making the design, so here's a little step-by-step tutorial for these flag-nails:

First I polished every other nail with white polish and every other with blue polish. Pictures and names of the polishes are in the end of this mini-tutorial. :)
Then I polished the tips of the white nails with the same blue I used to the whole blue nails...
I thought that it'd be better to create white base for the red first, so the red would come out brighter.
While waiting for the white crosses to dry, I did the red stripes of the USA flag.
Then the red for the England flag...
...and finally little stars for the USA flag. I  used a pin as a tiny dotting tool to make the stars small enough.
Here are the products I used: blue Claire's polish, Rimmel - London Clouds, white nail art polish by Kiss and red nail art polish by Winmax.
With top coat, in sunlight!
What do you think? Do you like this kinds of designs? I've always tought that "flag nails" look cool, I don't know what it is that fascinates me about them, maybe it's the colors. Or the fact that I've always wanted to go to New York or London... ;)
I'm really glad I made the stars properly, at first I was planning to be lazy and do just white dots or something, but then I decided spots don't look nearly as good as tiny stars! ^^ The stars were harder to do, but definitey worth it!
I'm also happy that finally my right hand nails look as good as left hand! Of course the nails are still shorter, but I even made the tiny stars properly! Usually my right hand doesn't look as good as left, because my left hand is very shaky when it comes to nail polishing... :'D I've been trying to work on that, and finally it's starting to look better. Unfortunately I don't have picture of them, but I hope you believe me! xD
Now some information about what's coming up: Swatches! I know it's a little boring, but I'll show you couple of my new polishes in action. ;) (the pink Sinful colors polish and couple of OPI polishes) Don't worry, my head is full of new nail designs I want to create, it's just that I'm a little slow. :'D Stay tuned! ^^
Check out Beyonce's nails at the diner! ;)

Olen aina ihastellut tämän tapaisia kynsiä muiden tekeminä, ja halunnut toteuttaa omille kynsillenikin tällaiset. Nyt tein viimeinkin oman versioni, ja täytyy sanoa että tykkään!! :D Näistä tuli juuri sellaiset kuin olin suunnitellut. Ylempänä on myös mini-tutoriali näihin, kun kerrankin muistin ottaa kuvan joka vaiheesta. :P Mitä mieltä te olette? Tykkäättekö "lippukynsistä"? :)
Tulossa: Swatcheja uusista lakkahankinnoista! On minulla kiinnostavampiakin ideoita, pää tuntuu olevan kerrankin täynnä uusia kynsi-ideoita joita haluaisin kokeilla, mutta aika ei tunnu riittävän... :'D No, seurailkaa, toteuttelen niitä parhaani mukaan! ^^

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Swirly toe nails + new polishes

I'm sorry, my toes look crappy in these pics, but I liked this pedicure and wanted to share it here... :P Also it was so hot outside that I took the pics inside and the quality isn't the best. Anyway, I'm sure you get the idea of these:

First two coats of OPI Tease-y Does It and then the golden swirls with Golden Rose nail art polish, free hand. I was planning to just polish them quickly with some dark polish and leave it there, but then I remembered THIS design I made loooong time ago with that Golden Rose polish, and decided to do something with it again.

I also went shopping a little today, and found a shop which sells China Glaze and Sinful Colors polishes! I bought two new polishes:

Sinful Colors: Forget Now and Nail Junkie

Varpaankynsissä kaksi kerrosta OPIn Tease-y Does It ja päälle tein kiemuroita Golden Rosen nail art lakalla.
Tänään käytiin shoppailemassa ja löysin kaupan, joka myy Sinful Colorsin ja China Glazen lakkoja! Luulin että niitä ei saa täältä, mutta jess! Ostin sitten Forget Nown ja Nail Junkien. :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Something pink and pretty ;)

I saw THIS design in Tartofraises - nail art, and I just had to try it! There's also a very good video tutorial for this manicure, so go check it out! I love this design, even though it's not perfect compared to the original design... :'D
Here's some more pictures:

I sponged my favorite Claire's polish on the nails, I liked it already so I took a picture... ^^
Then I did the black ..things and added some white spots.
I planned to leave it like this, but then I decided that it needs the rhinestones!
Things I used: H&M Pink Mist, claire's pink polish, black and white Kiss nail art polishes.
And the complete manicure with the rhinestones!
I just love pink and black designs! :D Especially with bling. But hey, we were shopping at Dubai last weekend, and guess where we went!

It's Juicy Couture!!! *_* Even just the shop is so over cute! We were walking around Dubai Mall when I spotted a girl with huge pink shopping bag with a text "choose juicy" on it. I love Juicy Couture but I've never seen their shops irl... I've just adored all the cute stuff they have. So I went a little crazy when I spotted that shopping bag, because that meant that there's a Juicy Couture shop somewhere in Dubai Mall. Dubai Mall is HUGE, but eventually we found the shop. And ohh, my head almost exploded by all that super cuteness... xD Everything in that shop was so sweet and cute. The prices were also quite sweet... :S But I decided to buy something with my sister:

The text in the charm holder says: "For nice girls who like stuff".

Isn't it cute! ^3^ There was a table full of awesome jewellery, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. And there were these little... charms (or what are they called, I'm not sure) which you could collect into a bracelet, for example. They were the sweetest things ever! They even had the tiniest nail polish bottle I've ever seen! Of course it's just a jewellery, not a real polish bottle, but it was so detailed! There were all the details of a real polish bottle in it! I would've bought it, but we had to get the necklace first, because I couldn't use the charm alone. I'll go back next time we go there, and buy that little thing. >:)
I also bought these cute earrings from Accessorize, I have to share them here too:

Tiny fruits! Love them! xD
Okay. Now I have to take a break of shopping... :'D

Näin tämän manikyyrin Tartofraisesin blogia selaillessani, ja minun oli tietysti pakko kokeilla sitä. Eihän tämä täydellinen ole alkuperäiseen verrattuna, mutta itse tykkään todella paljon! ^^
Ensin kaksi kerrosta H&Mn Pink Mistiä, ja sen päälle töpöttelin vaaleanpunaista Claire'sin lakkaa. Sitten tein mustat kuviot Kissin nail art lakalla. Valkoiset pisteet tökin valkoisella Kissin lakalla. En ollut suunnitellut laittavani tähän noita blingejä, mutta sitten päätin että ne sopivat näihin kynsiin niin hyvin että pakko se on laittaa. :D

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

*Neon pink Sparkle*

Another design I made before I took the henna tattoos (this is the last one! :P).

Aah, so glittery and bright, I love it! :D Although I didn't wear it as long as the summer nails, because that neon pink is so bright that sometimes I felt like it hurts my eyes... :'D I used my neon pink Sinful Colors polish and pink glitter from Make Up Store. That's actually make-up, but I figured that I can as well dip my nails into it... :D And I like the result.

Käytin näihin kynsiin Sinful Colorsin neonpinkkiä lakkaa ja Make Up Storen neonpinkkiä glitteriä. Tuo glitteri ei varsinaisesti ole mikään "kynsienkoristelutuote", mutta ajattelin että miksei sitä voisi käyttää niinkin. Eli dippasin kynnen kärjen glitteriin kun lakka oli vielä märkää.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Glittery lace nails and other stuff

This manicure was pretty hard to photograph... The baby blue lace pattern didn't really show up in pics, but you can tell that it's there, right? :'D

 The first picture is taken today. It's now over two weeks since I took the henna tattoos, and as you can see, it's almost faded away. :< It lasted quite long, though! In my feet he tattoo hasn't faded that much. Couple days ago it was still like new... :D Well, here are my nails about week ago:

 There the tattoo is about 1 week old, and it starts to fade from the finger tips.
I used two coats of H&M Pink Mist first, then I did white gradient to the tips by sponging Rimmel - London Clouds. Then I stamped the baby blue lace pattern with konads, I used the plate m71. Finally I polished three coats of OPI - Last Friday Night to the tips (over the white polish).

Here's the whole henna tattoo after a week.
 I didn't like these nails that much at first, because they're not exactly what I had planned, but now I've had this design on my nails for a week and I have to say that I really like it! :D It was also nice to have something blue on my nails, because yesterday...


...and that was the first time since 1995, when we won last time. 16 years ago... :P That was very sweet, because Sweden had won so many times and they were confident that they would win this year too, but we kicked their ass 1-6! xD I'm not a big fan of ice hockey, but hey, it's the world championship we're talking about. ;)
Besides, it's nice to win something after our Eurovision fail... xD Haha, everyone in Finland seemed to be so sure that we would win, but actually we were almost last! Well, I didn't really think the song would be good enough to actually win the whole thing, but... 21st? Fail! :'D Here's the top three:

1. Azerbaijan - Running scared

2. Italy - Follia D'Amore (Madness of love)

3. Sweden - Popular

What do you think? If you watched the Eurovisions, do think that the right songs made it to the top? I think the winner song was pretty good, although it was a little when you heard it many times. I didn't have any huge favorites, but I liked the England's song and Ireland was funny. ^^

En aluksi oikein tykännyt näistä kynsistä, koska niistä ei tullut ihan sellaiset kuin olin sunnitellut... :P Nyt minulla on kutenkin ollut ne jo viikon, ja tykkään niistä itseasiassa aika paljon! ^^ Kuvissa näkyy myös mitä hennatatuoinnille kuuluu, nyt se on jo haalistunut melkein kokonaan pois käsistä, jaloissa se on vielä aika hyvässä kunnossa. Tatska kesti viikon hyväkuntoisena, ja alkoi sitten haalistua. Ylimmässä kuvassa näkyy tämänpäiväinen tilnne. :)
Alle laitoin kaksi kerrosta H&Mn Pink Mistiä, ja töpöttelin kärkiin Rimmelin London Cloudsia. Sitten leimasin konadeilla (laatta m71) vaaleansiniset pitsikuviot kynsien tyveen. Kärkiin laitoin vielä kolme kerrosta OPIn Last Friday Nightia.
Oli muuten kiva olla siniset kynnet eilen kun Suomi voitti lätkän mm-kultaa! :D En yleensä seuraa lätkää, mutta nyt päätin katsoa kun kaikki muut olivat niin tohkeissaan... Ja kyllä kannatti! 1-6, hyvä Suomi! ;D Varsinkin tuon Euroviisufailin jälkeen... Katsoitteko viisut, ja mitä mieltä olitte kärkikolmikosta? Oliko lemppareita? ;)

 Love the song! <3

PS. Blogger has deleted some of my comments!!! So if you notice that your comment has lost, blame blogger! :< I wish the blogger starts working normally and the lost comments find their way home.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Pink & Bling for toe nails

OMG, blogger has been crazy lately... Fail after fail after fail! >:o I was afraid that it would never start working... :< First it messes up with my comments and then when I tried to sign in, it just told me that blogger is currently unavailable! And I was like FFUUUUU----! ;DD
Anyways, back to the nails now. I made this one too before taking the henna tattoos! ;)

 Heh, that's a lot of sparkle for me. ^^ I used ready rhinestone stickers for toe nails, I forgot to take a picture but I've used them here before. I love them, and they cost only 7 dhs from Daiso!
The polish is one of my favorites, it's from Claire's but it seems that it doesn't have name. The bottle is quite small and it's already running out... I was supposed to buy a new one now that I'm here, but they don't sell this polish anymore! Nooooo.... :< I have to start looking for a replacement.

It's important for me that my toenails look pretty, because I use lots of sandals here in UAE... My toes are quite crappy and I have big feet (sigh :<), so I like at least use pretty shoes and have my nails pretty. :')
And hey, my mom had her birthday and mothers day was recently, so I made two cards for her!

 Here's the birthday card! I drew Nippe on the cover...

...and Sippe inside the card! Lol, she really is quite... Chubby... xD Then the mothers day card:

Haha, Nippe has double-chin! <3
 There's both Nippe and Sippe! ...Okay they're both chubby and we all love them! ^3^ Are they recognizable? ;)

Sippe is having afternoon nap in one of her favorite places... :D
Nippe the Easter Cat says hello! :DD
Blogger on sekoillut viime aikoina oikein kunnolla, toivottavasti nyt alkaisi toimia... -.-
Käytin valmiita blingitarroja, joista unohdin ottaa kuvan...^^' Olen käyttänyt samanmerkkisiä tarroja ennenkin, kuvia voi yrittää bongailla täältä blogista. 
Lakkana on yksi lempparilakoistani, vaaleanpunainen Claire'sista ostettu lakka, jolla ei näytä olevan nimeä. Pullo on aika pieni, ja se on jo puolillaan! Minun oli tarkoitus ostaa uusi nyt kun olen täällä, mutta niitä ei myydä enää! :< Pitää löytää jokin korvike.
Lopussa on kuvia synttärikortista, jonka tein äidilleni, ja äitienpäiväkortista! ^^

Direct sunlight <3