Monday, October 17, 2011

Guest blogger - KarzU

This post is made by KarzU

Hi everybody! Some of the followers of this blog used to read My travel diary, KarzU's blog? The reason you can't even go into my blog anymore is that google deleted my account :'( Guess what it deleted too, without giving me any time to copy some things I wrote there? It deleted my blog. The reason for this is that I'm younger than 13 years old. Yep. I happen to know more than 5 different people who have a gmail and they're my age. I was talking to one of them on msn yesterday, and I asked if this happened to them. It didn't. I asked my other friend, and it didn't happen to her either. Well, I asked my sister if I can just write a post in here to tell some of my followers the reason they can't go to my blog anymore. One more thing, I had written 5 different posts ready to post there. One of them was 115 random things about me. It was a celebration post for my blog which had just turned 1! I just thought, I can post it tomorrow and you already know what happened. That's all, bye!


  1. Voi ei! En edes tiennyt että joku tollainen sääntö on olemassa.... Olisi ollut kyllä reilua varoittaa ensin edes. Miten ne voi tehdän noin? kyllä varmaan voit tehdä blogin taas jollekkin muulle sivustolle KarzU? Älä lannistu tästä!

  2. o___O" Wow, that's pretty strict of google! They could at least have given you a notice beforehand. Are you planning on getting a new account?

  3. WHAAAAAT?!!!! That is tooooo sad!!!! I didn't know that the bloggers have to be over 13:( How far away are you to be 13? Maybe you could post here until you reach the age?? You are not like 5 or anything, are you? I enjoyed your blog and really wanted to read 115 things about you:( I'm so sorry for this to happen KarzU...

  4. Shiny: En tienny mäkään! Kiitos ihanasta ja tukevasta kommentista <3 Kokeilen koko ajan, katotaan jos jotenkin onnistun.

    Kayono: That's what I thought. About making a new account, I can't D:

    Minnie: I think it's some new rule, as I've had a gmail since I was 9 I guess. I'm eleven now. And I would have 26 days now to prove that I'm over 13 (like with a credit card...) and then it'll be gone forever :( Thank you for your kind comment <3


  5. Is wordpress or some other blog-platform worth a thought? Or are they that strict, too?