Monday, November 7, 2011

I Love you people...

Hello everyone! ^^

You all know I've been super busy lately, and I haven't been writing that much here, I've just published pics and some basic information. Now I feel like writing some deep thoughts so here we go... :P
I'm living far from home right now, and even though I love everything here, Finland will always have special place in my heart, no matter how cold and crappy the weather is out there right now. ;) I don't really miss the place, I miss my people over there. ^^

My friends mean everything for me, I've known some of you my whole life and some of you 5 years or less (I know you guys are reading this <3), but time doesn't really matter. I have my new life here, and it's really amazing how awesome people I've met, but I could never forget any of you!

Right now I'm just enjoying my time here, because I know that one day I have to come back and then I will miss everyone from here. It really breaks my heart to know that there will always be people who are living far away from me and who I'm going to miss so much. I realized it the other day when I was chilling with my friends. Not many people stay here for a long time, people move back to their home-countries or some other countries and new people come here instead. This is a wonderful opportunity and experience, and I will never forget people I've met here or things I've done, but I just wish I could have all my homies in the same country at least... :') I never thought I would like this place so much, but in the end it's the people I love who matters. I'm going to come to Finland in February and I'm thrilled to see you again! x) It's been too long! <3

And all you my wonderful readers, thank you so much for your patience and sweet comments! <3 You guys are one of the reasons I'm writing this blog, so thank you for every single one of you! ^^
Haha this was very random post, thank you for everyone who read the whole thing... :'D I just wanted my people to know how much you really mean to me. You have made me a better person, cheered me up when I was feeling down and been patient and understanding even though I haven't always deserved that... x) You have always been there for me, and I hope you know I will always be there for you. <3


  1. Oh petal ((hugs)), we love you too! I can only imagine how you feel, being away from your besties, but you're in good hands here on blogspot! Xxx

  2. Aaw :) I tagged you this picture challenge thing, find the rules in my blog:

    Welcome ;P

  3. <3

    ei tähän voi muuta sanoo :')


  4. Damn you stupid Bananaboy, making my eyes teary, damn you!!!!1 >.<
    I miss you so bad ;______;
    I freaking love you man!<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
    can't wait to see you again :B))))))