Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Artwork

I have finally finished all my exams! :D I feel so free... xD
Yesterday we had an art exhibition, and all my artwork I have done at school last year & this year was put up. I worked so hard, and it was amazing to actually see all my work up on that wall at the same time... :'D Anyway I wanted to share couple pictures with you guys:

All my work! :D
Unit 2 final piece - my topic was meeting of two cultures. :)
Unit 1 mock exam piece - pop art
Unit 1 final piece - my topic was portraits.
Acrylic on canvas. One of my favorites, and also I think this one required the most work... :'D
With the artist ;D
What do you guys think? :D Is anyone interested in taking a look at my sketchbooks?
ps. I know this post isn't exactly about nail art, but art is art... :'D


  1. I'd be very interested! Your paintings look great!

  2. Looong time no see~!! OMG~~~~!!! You're an amazing artist!!! They all look FANTASTIC!!!!! The girl in the water one is my favourite too;p I would really LOVE to see your sketchbooks~<3xxxxxx

  3. Voin vaan sanoo et waaau! :)) Oot tosi taitava ja oon iha ällistyny, hullun hienoi!!