Monday, January 7, 2013

Live And Let Die + my interview at Intergloss

Hello everyone! ^^
Did you guys have a fantastic start for the new year, any new year's resolutions? :)

First of all: check out my interview at Intergloss! For this week you can find it on the front page, in the Featured user section. :D 

Now for the nails. Since I already tried out GoldenEye & The Spy Who Loved Me in my Christmas manicure, I had one more Bondette to go, Live And Let Die. I must admit I wasn't as excited about this one as I was about the other ones, but it turned out to be a positive surprise!

This was very covering with only one layer, but I wanted a bit more even result so I added another one. At first I thought I'd add some nail art, but then I ran out of time and well, it's nice to have something simple for a change. :) I thought I would be bored with this in two days, but it had just enough of sparkle in it to make me keep it on for a whole week. :D

With direct sunlight
Also as you probably noticed, I cut my nails shorter again... :P
See you soon, I'm planning on doing a little post of my Christmas presents! ^^

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