Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blogger fail

Why stupid blogger won't let me put any pictures here??? D:< Does anyone else have the same problem? Or is just my stupid computer? How can I make it work?? Help me! :'D
Well, I hope it'll start working soon, because I have lots of stuff to blog about! :<

Thank you, blogger, once again. =_=


  1. Tappelin äskön vartin saman ongelman kanssa.. Lopulta lisäsin kuvat Tinypicin kautta HTML koodiin. Sillä lailla ainaskin onnistu

    T: hiutale (blogger ei myöskään näköjään tunnista mua..)

  2. DIIIIIIISLIKE!! Make it work, görl!!! ;D

  3. I'm having the exact same dilemma :(

  4. Hi! I've noticed quite a few posts about not being able to post pictures:/ I know that about a month or so ago they did a massive update in which nobody could get on to blogger, maybe its something to do with that?
    Sorry I cant be of any more help!

  5. hiutale: Höh, mä oon ihan toivoton tietokoneongelmien kanssa... Mutta kiva tietää että on edes joku keino! Jos ei ala toimia niin pitää kai yrittää tuota. :/

    Lena: No can do, computers hate me.. =__=

    Diava: At least we're not alone! :/

    Aimee: Yeah, first the update fail and now this. Blogger has been just fail after fail lately... :P I really hope they'll fix this soon!

  6. Yeah, sometimes blogger has these hiccups:( I hope they fix the problem soon. You can go to "help" to see if any others having the same problem or not. I can't wait for your posts!!!!!;p