Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer candy nails

Hello~! ^^ I shortened my nails a little and did those colorful summer nails I was talking about. I love them! :D I used my favorite polishes, and these really remind me from candy... xD

Before the konads
Things I used!
Konad plate m71
OPI - Simply smash-ing!, Sinful Colors - Forget Now and Orly - Halleys Comet
I wasn't planning to do the konads, but I'm really glad I did! They finish the look. ;) I hadn't tried those little laces before,  I think they're super cute! ^^

Viilasin kynsiäni lyhyemmäksi ja tein värikkäät kesäkynnet! ^^ Käytin lempparilakkojani, ja minusta näistä tuli tosi söpöt. :) Lakkoina siis OPIn Simply Smash-ing!, Sinful Colorsin Forget Now ja Orlyn Halleys Comet. Pienet pitsikuviot on konadin laatasta m71, ja käytin mustaa konadin lakkaa.


  1. Iiiihanat! Kauniit värit ja noi konadkuviot tossa rajalla sopii tosi hyvin. :)

  2. wow the stamping is perfect...I could never do that :D beautiful mani!

  3. (todellaupea)Layrä: Kiitos! :D Olen kyllä tyytyäinen että lisäsin nuo konadit. :)

    Lady Pink: Thank you! :D You should try though, it's not as complicated as you think! ;)

    shiny: Kiitos! ^^

  4. Tosi söpö idea ja kauniit kynnet! :)

  5. Eeva: Kiitos!

    rock-or-not: Haha, thank you! :D

    Sonne: Kiitoksia!! :))

  6. The lace is cute indeed. I love lace on nails. Doesnt matter if its painted, stamped, acrylic or real one - always looks nice :)

  7. Wahaaaaow!!! They look SUPER gorgeous and cuuuuuteXD I LOVE the colours you used and I agree, those lace added even more cuteness to the original design;D I wish I had all these three awesome nail polishes!!

  8. Ash-Lilly: Thank you! :D

    Rabbit: Thank you! :) And I agree, lace makes everything pretty! ^^

    Minnie: Haha, thank you~! :D I just love all those colors, you should find them somewhere also! ;D

  9. WOU! Ihan älyttömän upeat, ja niin kesäiset! :)

  10. Hi again!! I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you on my post! Please do it if you're interested and if you had time~<3

  11. Oh, thank you! :D I'll go check it out! ^^