Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I really want to update more often but I simply don't have time.. :/ But anyways, here's another manicure I did in summer. ^^

Creative - Baroque (not sure if I remember it right, but anyways :'D)
Just love it, such a beautiful dark red! ^^

They don't sell my favorite nail glue anymore, and this new one is driving me crazy.... >_< I can't remember the name, but it was pink gel glue. This new one isn't gel-like as the old one, so it's more difficult to apply easily... I had nail glue all over my cuticles. :< I like the result though! ^^
I think I'll post some newer designs next time, I have loads of pics in my camera! ::D

Jälleen yhdet kynnet kesältä! Seuraavaksi julkaisen varmaan jotain vähän uudempaa, kamera on taas täynnä uusia kuvia... :'D
Näihin käytin kuitenkin melko vanhaa Creativen lakkaa, nimi oli muistaakseni Baroque. Blingejä liimasin vain nimettömään, koska vanha kynsiliimani loppui enkä tykkää uudesta... :< Tietääkö kukaan mistä saa niitä kynsiliimoja mitä Seppälässä myytiin ennen?? En muista nimeä, mutta pakkauksessa luki ainakin pink gel glue. :P Tämä uusi nimittäin leviää helposti pitkin kynsinauhoja... :'D


  1. I like this. Nails are looking great as usual!

  2. Too runny glue sucks:( Have you tried top coat to place stones?? It is weaker, but it doesn't make stones foggy and works well for me;p The design is fantastic though! I love it so much!! I'm sorry to hear that you don't have much time. But I'll wait for your updates for as long as it takes;D

  3. Ash-Lilly: Thank youu! ^^

    Minnie: Yeah... I use top coat sometimes, but if I want the stones to stay on longer I have to use glue. :P But thank you so much for your comment and patience!! <3 :DD

  4. Heei Broadwayn pinkki nail glue ehkä?