Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What the ****, Blogger?? -.-

Blogger doesn't let me upload photos anymore!
Seriously now, is this some sort of revenge for taking a break from blogging? D: I was writing a new post today and when I tried to upload the photos, this text popped up:

"Hups! Tallennustila loppui. 100 prosenttia 1 gigatavun suuruisesta valokuvien tallennuskiintiöstä on tällä hetkellä käytössä. Hanki lisää tilaa"*

*"Oops!  You ran out of storage space. 100 % of 1 GB photo storage quota is currently in use. Get more space"

And when I clicked the link, I found out that that to get more storage space, I would have to buy it. For 25 Gt 2,49 $ / month and for 100 Gt 4,99 $ / month. Are you serious? When I created my blog, it said (and still says):

"Luo Blogi. Se on ilmaista."*

*"Create a blog. It is free."

Yeah sure! This is so annoying... Has any of you guys faced the same problem? What did you do? Please, if anyone knows another way to upload pictures for free, all advise is so welcome!! :(

Onko kukaan kohdannut samaa ongelmaa? Onko muita vaihtoehtoja?? Auttakaa, kaikki neuvot on tervetulleita! 


  1. Toi on kyllä niin ärsyttäävää, kun picasaan ei voi loputtomasti ilmaiseksi kuvia tallentaa :( Olet varmaan tallentanut aika isokokoisia kuvia :( Voit tehdä johonkin muuhun kuvapalveluun tilin ja liittää kuvat sitä kautta blogiin. Blogger antaa vaihtoehdon liitä "url-osoitteesta"

  2. eipä ole ollut samaa ongelmaa :(

  3. Tosi monille on tullut toi nyt yhtäkkiä samaan aikaan! Hämärää... Joku vinkkas että kannattaa ladata kuvat esim photobucketiin ja sitä kautta laittaa tänne...

  4. Sama juttu mulla! Vittu mitä paskaa! XDDD

  5. Okei tavallaan lohduttaa että en oo ainoo... :'D No, kiitos neuvoista, toivottavasti tähän löytyy ratkaisu niin pääsee taas postailemaan! :)

  6. I think I read somewhere that pictures 800x800 px or smaller do not count into those free 1GB. You could always use hosting sites such as photobucket so save your pictures.
    (I should check how my situation is right now...)

    1. I started using photobucket :D but i noticed theres a 2 GB limit, so I have to keep an eye on what i upload... :'D How do you change the pictures to 800x800 px? I'm so helpless with all this computer stuff...

    2. But then, 2 Gb will probably last you twice as long as blogger's 1 GB, so you'll time to think of yet another hosting platform :D I use Photoshop to crop/resize my pictures, but when I couldn't use it anymore on my old computer, I used http://pixlr.com/ for a while. But you have to decide if you like your pictures this small.

      On a sidenote, a colleague of mine is probably going to Dubai this weekend. Are there any local polish brands worth mentioning? and how much do you have to pay for OPI (your sister mentioned they're cheaper than in Finland)?

    3. Oh thats true! :D It took me couple years to fill 1 GB up so yeah, I'll be fine for now. :'D

      Congrats to your colleague, Dubai is lovely this time of the year! :D
      And yeah, OPI polishes are cheaper here, the price goes from 26 dhs up, depending on the polish. :) Thats roughly 6 euros, but special polishes and the new collections are usually more expensive. :P

    4. Yep, I made the mistake to stop by in August. Way too hot for me xD
      Where would you go to get an OPI for the price you mentioned?

  7. What!? I paid ~13 euros for OPI in Dubai :(

  8. My mistake guys, the prices are higher in Dubai! >.< I live in Al Ain, and the price depends on where you shop... The prices in Dubai are generally higher, and my guess is they are raising them here too. :( I buy OPI polishes from a store called Nazih. I haven't been there in a while, but I went shopping couple days ago and checked the price; it's 34 dhs for a normal polish and 38 dhs for special polishes. Even though that's slightly higher than I remembered, it's still around 6-10 euros. :)