Tuesday, March 1, 2011

So blingy!

Sorry I've been gone so long, but now I'm back with new nails. ;) I did blingy party nails for the cruise (had lots fun there with my friends, thanks everyone! <3),and I really liked them! Pink & blingy, what could go wrong? :D

Wet'n'Wild - Frosted Fuchsia. I just love that coverage and shine, that's only one coat! :D
In direct sunlight ( ! )
One coat of OPI - Show It And Glow It
And the bottles ^^

Ah how I love that sunshine! <3
What do you think? ^^ I just love OPI's glitter polishes, all that sparkle and lots of glitters... *_*
Agh, I had two more designs to show you but blogger doesn't let me upload the pics... :( Don't worry, I'll try again later. :)
Oh I almost forgot: there's a giveaway going on in HERE and I'm definitely entering, go check it out! ;) The blog is only in Finnish, I'm sorry.
And hey, 145 followers already! OwO Wow, how do you all find your way at my blog? :D I'm so happy you  like my blog! ^^ Yeah, that's all this time, see you soon~! :)


  1. I love the bling and glitter! I'll try to remember to buy you those OPI's polishes, as you asked ;) I'll need to go check out!

  2. Agh OPI polishes! Buy them to me, I'll pay you back! :D

  3. Love this. Your nail shape is nice too!