Saturday, February 19, 2011

Prom nails!

Okay, the prom is over and since the abiturients (is that even a word in English? The translator said the correct word would be candidate for the matriculation examination... :D) are gone, we 2nd graders are the oldest in our high school now! Wohoo! xD That's what we were celebrating on thursday and especially yesterday! ;) Thursday we had the official prom, two shows for parents, and the Friday was our day, u know? ;) We did everything fun stuff at the school, like walking around in our dresses and we also kept one lesson for the 1st graders... Not a real lesson though, we made them do fun stuff like rap the national anthem and so on. xD It was really fun, everyone had great time. We also danced one show on Friday, for other students and teachers. :) And Friday night we had the after-party for all the 2nd graders and dancers, and that honestly was an awesome party! Everyone were having fun and dancing all night. I wish we had parties like that more often! :D
Okay that had nothing to do with nails, but I just wanted to share that with you! ^^ The 2nd graders prom is a  huge event in Finland, everyone has beautiful dresses and hair and make-up, and of course I had to do my nails! I wanted them to match my dress:

With my dress ;)

Quite simple, but I think they're pretty. :)
Hey I'd like to share a pic of my prom hair also:

I loved it! I had to sleep with that hair, so I had my hair like that for three days... :'D But can you believe me, it stayed like that the whole time! :D It was quite challenging to wash all the hair spray off. :P
That was all this time, I'm going to the 2nd graders cruise on Monday, so next I'll do party-nails for that! ;) Ah, I love this! ^^


  1. Nice manicure! You have beautiful hair!

  2. Voi, ihanat kynnet ja hiukset! Wanhat oli kyllä ihanat sillon joskus :)

  3. Your hair looks amazing :) I love the manicure, did you used stickers or water decals?

  4. Mmeri.: Kiitos! ^^

    Sylvia: Thank you so much! :D

    tahma: Kiitos paljon! Mulla oli kyllä superhauskaa! :))

    Honolulu: Thanks! :) I used stickers.

  5. Your mani is very elegant and pretty. I love your hair!

  6. Beautiful manicure and beautiful hair! I found myself wishing to see your dress too! :D Congrats!

  7. Thank you!! :D I loved my dress, I could put a pic if I remember... ;)

  8. Oi ihanat kynnet! Nähään sitten keskiviikkona, kun tuun kotiin ;);) Ne tosiaan sopii tohon mekkoon.
    Voitko laittaa tänne Milenan kynnet? Ku en nähny niitä sillon.. :(