Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Award~ (Did u know this about me? ;))

I received this award from Minnie, Thank you once again! <3 Now I'm supposed to pass this award to 10 bloggers of my choice and then write 10 facts about myself.
It was a little challenging to choose blogs that hadn't received this award yet (or at least I hope I chose blogs that hadn't got this one yet...), but here are my choices:

1. Manicure Madness
2. My Travel Diary
3. Red Cherries
4. We heart nails!
5. Ash-Lilly's Lacquer Lust
6. Frippery Digits
7. Candy Library
8. Colouring my life
9. Shiny Nail Art
10. Diava's Lacquer Box

They're all very great blogs! Then the 10 things about me... Well, I was planning to do a proper post in which I'd tell you more about myself with lots of pictures (never seen before stuff, I was actually thinking somekind of picture of myself...). Would you even be interested? :'D Anyway, here's some facts for starters:

1. atm I'm very excited about Eurovision song contest! :P We watch them every year, and it's sort of a tradition... Even though the songs this year aren't that fabulous (my opinion!) I love the show. ^^

2. Sometimes I write lots of posts ready and then just publish them in time. Atm I have five (!) posts waiting to be published... :'D

3. I've probably mentioned this already, but my nails are very short in my right hand... I keep trying to grow them, but the index and middle nails always chip or crack, and so I shorten them all. :')

4. I'm addicted to lip palm! My lips get very dry if I stop using it, even in summer... I add lip palm probably more than 10 times a day.

5. I love drawing, but lately I haven't been drawing that much... I don't know why. Well, I guess I'm just waiting for somekind of huge inspiration! x)

6. I'm 182 cm tall and VERY clumsy. :'D My balance is horrible and keep stumbling.. I love high heels but I can't wear them that much because of this... I would be so much taller than everybody else!! xD

7. I dislike my feet. Because I'm so tall, my shoe size is...41-42 !! xDD There, I told it to everyone publicly on the internet... Anyway, sometimes it's hard to find cute shoes that would fit perfectly. I've always dreamed of desingning shoe-collection for tall and big-feeted people like me... Then I wouldn't have to worry about finding perfect shoes anymore! :P

8. I have glasses but I like them, I can't imagine myself without them. (Yes it's getting hard to think about these facts... Two more!)

9. I love chocolate and unhealthy food like chips or hamburgers, and eat them too much! I should start excercising, but for some reason (I'm lazy :')) I haven't yet...

10. I also love cooking, and if I have good recipes, I'm pretty good at it! ...Okay, anyone can cook with good instructions, but anyway. I love especially making brownies and apple pie, and in my opinion the best recipes ever can be found from here: Joy of Baking. If you love cooking, you should try them! My favorites are Apple Pie (<-- That's the best recipe ever!!! <3 It takes lots of time and effort, but it's worth it!) and Rocky Road Brownies (There's also basic brownie recipes, but that was the first I tried and fell in love with xD).

Okay, that's it. Was there something surprising? ;D Or is there still something you'd like to know? ^^

Btw, is anyone of you following Eurovisions this year? I already mentioned this topic, but I want to talk more about it... :'D This year the contest is at Germany. As I said, there's not that much great songs but some of them are good. The first semifinal was yesterday evening at 22.00 (Finnish time), and I watched it live on the internet. I have to admit that I wasn't any big fan of Finland's song (I just think it's okay), but I'm so glad we made it to the finals! ^^ This evening is the second semifinal, and I'm going to watch that too. :) Here's the Finland's song:

Well, I'll probably write some more about the whole thing after the Final. ;) Do you have any favorites? Or Dislikes? :)

Sain siis tuon Kreativ Blogger -palkinnon Minnieltä. Idea on listata 10 hyvää blogia joille laittaa palkinnon eteenpäin, ja sitten kertoa 10 asiaa itsestään. Suunnittelin tekeväni vähän isomman postauksen jossa kerron enemmän itsestäni kuvien kanssa (kiinnostaako ketään? :D), joten en nyt käännä tuota koko litaniaa...
Oletteko seuranneet Euroviisuja? Minusta taso ei ole tänä vuonna kovin korkealla, mutta katson viisut silti, siitä on tullut eräänlainen perinne... x) Eilen katsoin 1. semifinaalin YLE areenan kautta, ja olen kyllä iloinen että Suomi pääsi jatkoon vaikka en olekaan kyseisen kappaleen suuri fani! :P 
Onko teillä suosikkeja / inhokkeja? :)


  1. Kiitoksiaa! ^___^ ja musta olis hauska tollanen postaus kuvien kera

  2. Kiitos^^ Kivoja factoja :) Onneks toi ei oo NIIN paha toi suomen ;)

  3. Thank you for the award! :)

  4. (todellaupea)Layrä: Ole hyvä! ^^ Ja kiva kuulla että kiinnostaa. :)

    KarzU: Oleppa hyvä! :) Niin no, päästiin sentään finaaliin tänä vuonna! ;)

    JQ: You're welcome! :)

  5. Kiitos palkinnosta! :) Ja oli kivoja noi faktatiedot. Tollasii, jotka kertos susta enemmän, kuin vaan vaiks tukan värin. :)

    Mäkin seuraan Euroviisuja jänskäten. Ei ne mua ihan tosi paljon kiinnosta, mut pakko ne on aina kattoo. :D Tos ekas semifinaalis melkee kaikki biisit kuulosti jotenki oudoilt. Kauheen pliisuilt, ei niis ollu mitää ideaa. Melkee tää meidän Oskar oli niist paras munsta, vaiks tähän asti oonki miettiny et miks ne tommosen sinne pisti laulaa. :D

  6. Ole hyvä! :) Ja kiva että tykkäsit noista "paljastuksista"! :D

    Jee, kiva kuulla että joku muukin jännittää Euroviisuja! :D Eipä siinä ekassa semifinaalissa mitään kovin mieleenjääviä biisejä ollut... Perus euroviisuja melkein kaikki. Toivotaan että toinen semifinaali on parempi! ;)

  7. Here it is!! I was sooo looking forward to thisXD And I enjoyed reading every bit of your facts!! You are really a tall girl, but you sound so cute about everything:D Unlike a lot of other big girls acting like guys:) I LOVE baking too! I must check out the link yourecommended, becuz quite often my bakings don't turn out so well:( I need good recipes:D I wish I could watch this show too! It sounds very interesting:D Do they have a lot of diffenrent language songs?! I love listening to different languages even though I don't understand themXD It's getting veru long comment, sorry! We have so much in common, apart from the height lol! And I'd love to see your photos if you're okay with it:D

  8. Njäh I just wrote a super long answer to your comment, but blogger failed and didn't publish it and now I'll have to write it again... -.-
    I'm glad to hear that you were waiting for this post so much!! :D And that you liked it! ^^ And your comment wasn't too long at all, I love reading long comments... :D
    Anyway, sometimes I wish I could donate some of my height to someone shorter, but since that's not possible, I've just learned to enjoy my tallness. ;)
    It's definitely worth it to check out that link and try some of the recipes! ;DD
    Actually I think you could watch the show online from here:
    That's where I watch it. ^^ I hope it works, because they had some technical issues in the 1st semifinal... Yeah, some of them sing in their own language but I think most of them sing in English. :)
    Haha, we do have very much in common, I think it's quite cool! xD

  9. You're not alone, I have height and shoe size in common with you!

  10. Yey! So glad to hear there's someone sharing the same "problem"! :'D

  11. You're welcome, everyone! ^^