Monday, May 30, 2011

London / New York?

I've seen this kinds of designs a lot, but I like the idea so much I wanted to do my version of it. And I like it on my nails! ^^ This time I remembered to take pictures while making the design, so here's a little step-by-step tutorial for these flag-nails:

First I polished every other nail with white polish and every other with blue polish. Pictures and names of the polishes are in the end of this mini-tutorial. :)
Then I polished the tips of the white nails with the same blue I used to the whole blue nails...
I thought that it'd be better to create white base for the red first, so the red would come out brighter.
While waiting for the white crosses to dry, I did the red stripes of the USA flag.
Then the red for the England flag...
...and finally little stars for the USA flag. I  used a pin as a tiny dotting tool to make the stars small enough.
Here are the products I used: blue Claire's polish, Rimmel - London Clouds, white nail art polish by Kiss and red nail art polish by Winmax.
With top coat, in sunlight!
What do you think? Do you like this kinds of designs? I've always tought that "flag nails" look cool, I don't know what it is that fascinates me about them, maybe it's the colors. Or the fact that I've always wanted to go to New York or London... ;)
I'm really glad I made the stars properly, at first I was planning to be lazy and do just white dots or something, but then I decided spots don't look nearly as good as tiny stars! ^^ The stars were harder to do, but definitey worth it!
I'm also happy that finally my right hand nails look as good as left hand! Of course the nails are still shorter, but I even made the tiny stars properly! Usually my right hand doesn't look as good as left, because my left hand is very shaky when it comes to nail polishing... :'D I've been trying to work on that, and finally it's starting to look better. Unfortunately I don't have picture of them, but I hope you believe me! xD
Now some information about what's coming up: Swatches! I know it's a little boring, but I'll show you couple of my new polishes in action. ;) (the pink Sinful colors polish and couple of OPI polishes) Don't worry, my head is full of new nail designs I want to create, it's just that I'm a little slow. :'D Stay tuned! ^^
Check out Beyonce's nails at the diner! ;)

Olen aina ihastellut tämän tapaisia kynsiä muiden tekeminä, ja halunnut toteuttaa omille kynsillenikin tällaiset. Nyt tein viimeinkin oman versioni, ja täytyy sanoa että tykkään!! :D Näistä tuli juuri sellaiset kuin olin suunnitellut. Ylempänä on myös mini-tutoriali näihin, kun kerrankin muistin ottaa kuvan joka vaiheesta. :P Mitä mieltä te olette? Tykkäättekö "lippukynsistä"? :)
Tulossa: Swatcheja uusista lakkahankinnoista! On minulla kiinnostavampiakin ideoita, pää tuntuu olevan kerrankin täynnä uusia kynsi-ideoita joita haluaisin kokeilla, mutta aika ei tunnu riittävän... :'D No, seurailkaa, toteuttelen niitä parhaani mukaan! ^^


  1. Noi on niiin hienot!

  2. Love them, but seem way too much work :(

  3. aivan älyttömän upeat!

  4. Hei tosi makeet! En ite aatellu että noi sopis mitenkään yhteen, mutta kun on samat värit niin onkin kyllä vaan hienot, eikä häiritsevät!

  5. rock-or-not: Thank you!! :D

    Miia: Kiitoksia! :D

    KarzU: Kiitti! :))

    flye's nail art: Kiitos! ^^

    Honolulu: They may seem difficult, but actually they were a lot easier to do than it looks! ;)

    3nn: Kiitos! :D

    (todellaupea) Layrä: Kiitos! Mäkin mietin aluksi että tuleeko liikaa, jos yhdistän nuo kuviot, mutta olen kyllä nyt tyytyväinen että tein niin! :D

    GothamPolish: Thank you! ^^

  6. I'm always too late to comment! Sorry!! I LOVE these designs sooo much!! They're super neat and cool:D The stars are soooo cute!! Well worth the effort;D I do like looking at flags too~XD They are cool and interesting;p

  7. It's okay to comment a bit late! :D I'm usually late too... xD But thank you very much! <3 ^^