Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Swirly toe nails + new polishes

I'm sorry, my toes look crappy in these pics, but I liked this pedicure and wanted to share it here... :P Also it was so hot outside that I took the pics inside and the quality isn't the best. Anyway, I'm sure you get the idea of these:

First two coats of OPI Tease-y Does It and then the golden swirls with Golden Rose nail art polish, free hand. I was planning to just polish them quickly with some dark polish and leave it there, but then I remembered THIS design I made loooong time ago with that Golden Rose polish, and decided to do something with it again.

I also went shopping a little today, and found a shop which sells China Glaze and Sinful Colors polishes! I bought two new polishes:

Sinful Colors: Forget Now and Nail Junkie

Varpaankynsissä kaksi kerrosta OPIn Tease-y Does It ja päälle tein kiemuroita Golden Rosen nail art lakalla.
Tänään käytiin shoppailemassa ja löysin kaupan, joka myy Sinful Colorsin ja China Glazen lakkoja! Luulin että niitä ei saa täältä, mutta jess! Ostin sitten Forget Nown ja Nail Junkien. :)


  1. Cool pedicure!! These swirls are so tiny and cute~XD I tend to go for bright colours for toes especially during summer, but this is so cool and different. I LOVE itXD Your new polishes look so cute! Can't wait to see you using them;p

  2. Thank you!! ^3^ I also like to use bright colours in summertime, but I've found out that dark polishes look better on my toes. :'D I love those polishes I bought, can't wait to try them out! ^^

  3. When I first saw this on your nails I thought you were using konad, but then I realized that you made them free-hand. I like them!!

  4. Actually after doing the swirls on one foot I was thinking that maybe I should've used konads... But I'm kinda glad I didn't. ^^