Monday, August 30, 2010


I think I have to admit that winter is coming.... D: I polished my toe nails today and wanted to take pictures outside, but Oh My Gosh how cold there was! Brrrrr. Now I´m just waiting for some snowing! :) Since it´s getting this cold, I expect snow. But maybe it´s a bit too early.... Okay, the pictures!
(sorry for my crappy toes... :'D)
I think toe nails look good with matte :)
Aaand some stripes! I´m zebra! :D
OPI ink SUEDE. I love OPI´s suede polishes!
Golden Rose nail ART 108
Look who´s here! She´s Niilo, our lovely cat!

 I love that matte purple/ golden stripes combination! Although now it´s a bit too late for toe pedicures since I can´t wear flip flops any more... :'D But maybe someone notices them at gym class! (hopeful :D)
Tomorrow to Helsinki with our art class and BlackCat to visit in Kiasma (museum of modern art). That´s going to be interesting!
Again, new followers! Welcome! :D Feel free to comment and enjoy reading my blog. Good night!


  1. Kuinka kylmä siel oikein on?? Täällä on 44 astetta lämmintä! Kaikki hikoo ja on ihan märkiä hiestä. Mul on niiloo ikävä...ja sippeä ja teitä! Terkkuja ja koittakaa olla skypessä!

  2. I dislike ur cat because it's not black. Yes i'm a racist cat >:D) Luv ur toes <3

  3. Mistä ihmeestä olet ostanut Golden Rosen nail art-lakan ? :o

  4. Liettuan alennusmyynneistä. :) Kaunasin Akropoliksessa oli pieni kosmetiikkamyymälä, mutta vähän näytti siltä sielläkin olisivat lopettamassa näiden myymisen..

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