Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Today we went to Kiasma! :D It was actually quite interesting. Exhibitions were weird, but some how beautiful. Altough I think I didn´t understand all of them... Modern art can be very strange! I´ll show you some pics I took:
This was my favourite! Hundreds of ribbos which you can dive in. :D
Huge text on the wall, I wanted to reorder them to something fun... >:D
Many, many dolls! Heads had been taken off and mixed. Creepy!
Some movie, but what´s going on with the texts? :D
Magic dough, you know?
After Kiasma I went shopping with Black Cat! I wanted to go Sinelli for some Fimo modelling clay, but guess what else I found? :D
Rhinestones and pearls! I have so many ideas for these... Just wait, you´ll see! ;)
Fimo clay! :D
Okay, no nail art this time, but I was so inspired with those rhinestones that there will be another nail posting coming soon! :D Just wait for it.
Good night everyone, and welcome you new followers! <3


  1. In the texts is going like this:

    What kind of pigs you have been for all these years.

    You welcome!!

  2. Yup, that's what it says! :)