Sunday, August 29, 2010

Guest nails :D

As the title says, these aren´t my nails... Can you guess who would that be? :)
Pink again, this time Diffi 25 (from Thailand <3) and sticker.
 Yes, that´s my sister! Did anyone get that right? I´ve also had that kind of manicure on my own nails once, I really like how it turned out. Three coats of Diffi, then that hand painted lace-kinda-thing on tips with NAIL STAR -polish (also from Thailand) and stick the sticker on. Voilá! I love those stickers, they are so thick and soft... :3
And hey, two more followers! Welcome! :D


  1. Why do I think I comment every time I see a new post here? Anygay, thanks for taking my nails in your blog :DD

  2. You didn´t comment in the previous post! >:D but the comments are always welcome! <3