Saturday, August 28, 2010

New blog on the block!

Okay the very first post! Here's some veeery old pics of my nails, I'll put new ones when I get used to this whole blogging thing!
stickers....where it all started!
watermelons :9
everyone has to try watermarbling :)
I've even had a nail piercing... ^^'
minnie-mouse -nails feat. pockys! <3
it was supposed to be 80's :D
Okay, some newer pics are coming, I promise! Those really are old. Welcome to follow my blog! :D


  1. Woah... You really were serious 'bout that... HA! Good luck, sister dear :DD

  2. I enjoy the watermarbling and the last one
    beautiful mix of the colour

  3. I didn´t remember that you had so small nails....Haha!

  4. I just got through your blog and I love it. Your nails are really beautiful<3.

    I like the chocolate tutorial =), and your kitty is really adorable =).

  5. Thanks! I really appreciate that you went through all my posts! :D

    I´m glad you like it. :) Yey, my little cats are lovely! ^w^