Monday, April 25, 2011

Little lace nails~

These nails I made for my little sister:

Wet'n'Wild - Frosted Fuchsia and Konad plate m71
She has more pictures at her own BLOG, so go check it out! ;) I love that Wet'n'Wild polish, I needed only one layer! Then just some stamping to the tips. ^^
I've been shopping (too much) lately, so that's what's coming up! ;)

Nämä ovat pikkusiskoni kynnet, lisää kuvia löytyy hänen blogistaan! Laitoin yhden kerroksen Wet'n'Wildin lakkaa ja tippeihin konadit. Todella simppeliä, mutta nättiä! ^^
Viime aikoina olen shoppaillut (liikaa), eli tulossa on postaus uusista kynsilakka hankinnoista! ;)


  1. Noi oli niin ihanat, harmi ku ei kestäny enempää kun 1 ja puol päivää sen koko päivän kloori uinnin takia...

  2. Thank you everyone! ^^ And KarzU, you're welcome! :)

  3. I have never tried these stencils cuz they are so pricey here in Canada.. but i really wanna try them!

  4. this is really pretty very elegant :)

    shel xx

  5. Erika: Kiitos! :D

    ~Jenia~: They are pretty pricey here, too, but I really wanted to try them so I bought some. And they really are worth of trying! ^^

    shel: Thank you! :)

  6. They're very cuuuute xD I didn't know KarzU is your sister!! I'm looking forward to seeing what you bought;)

  7. Ihanat nää ja noi suklaabanaanit tuol alhaal<3 I miss u<3 :D

  8. Minnie: Thank you! ^^ And yup, we're sisters... :P Shopping posting coming soon! ;)

    Lena: Thänks! ;) I miss u too!! <3<3