Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nail polish shoppings + new Konads

I've bought five new OPI polishes while being here in UAE... Here they are:

Black shatter and Simply Smash-ing!
Last Friday Night and Not Like The Movies
 I wanted Teenage dream instead of LFN, but they didn't have them anymore... I wanted also The One That Got Away, but they didn't have them neither. :I Well, Not Like The Movies is so gorgeus that I'm fine with these I managed to get...

Tease-y Does It from the Burlesque collection
 Isn't it gorgeus? *_* I love the whole Burlesque collection, it's so sparkly... :D I've also seen the movie, and it was great! If you haven't seen it yet, I totally recommend it! ^^
Then I bought some new Konad plates with my sister:

m71 - this is so girly and cute! <3
m29 - I thought this would be perfect for summer nail design...
m57 - this plate seems to be the one that everyone should have.. :P
+ three special polishes.
 I'm running a bit late with my postings, I already have few new designs I should show you... But I don't want to put too much stuff to one posting.
I want to share one extra summery pic with you...

Greetings from the Arab Emirates! ^^
Ei käännöstä tällä kertaa, antaa kuvien puhua puolestaan! ;)


  1. I have the M57 and I absolutely love it!!!!

  2. awwws ihana toi burlesque lakka! <3 saat lakkaa mun kynnet sillä sitte joskus ku kotiudut suomee kesällä ;DD

  3. Honolulu: Yeah, all the patterns on that plate are very cute! ^^

    Katy: Jooo, se on tosi nätti.. :D En malta oottaa että nähään vaik en ees oo ollu tääl viel kauaa! :'D

  4. Voi, ihania ostoksia ja ihana tuo kesäinen kuva!!<3

  5. Tämä on kyllä mukavaa vaihtelua siihen verrattuna, millainen sää Suomessa oli silloin kun lähdin... :'D

  6. They all look fabulous:D I can't wait to see these new nail polishes on your nails! I love the last pic. Your toes are so cute XD

  7. Thank you! ^^ Swatches and new manicures are coming soon... ;) Eh, my toes may look cute from a distance and blurred, but actually they're quite crappy. :_D

  8. teasy does it is beautiful wow!

    shel xx

  9. It's one of my favorites, too! ^^

  10. smbfreesiashopphotoAugust 30, 2011 at 9:55 PM

    Where can i online buy or order the m57?