Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oh how lovely.

WARNING - Lots of pictures coming up!
I was at Helsinki yesterday... I had to visit the National Museum of Finland because of my history class. The weather has been extremely depressing lately, and I wasn't very excited about that (stupid weather + boring museum), but after all it was a nice little trip. I went shopping after the museum... ;)

How cheerful.
 Hmm, Greenpeace was having some kind of protest against nuclear power. When you go to Helsinki, there's probably always going on some kind of protest against something or people try to stop random people and talk to them about environment problems and stuff like that... It's very annoying sometimes, even though I think that those problems are important. It was actually interesting to see them doing something that big IRL... There was police and lots of people watching.
I also saw people who were protesting against animal testing and fur. That was kinda scary, there were lots of them and they had big plagues with pictures of animals who were kept in misery and hurt. :( One of them was dressed as a fox. I think that fur farming and stuff like that is really wrong, but they were walking in the main street in the middle of the day and I saw little kids who were very upset and scared because of the pictures they were showing! Do they have to be so extreme? For me all that was a little too much for one day...

That's the museum. It looks more like a church to me, though...
I think this room was beautiful, although it was a little bit creepy somehow... I don't know.

That's one of the most famous paintings in Finland! It's Hyökkäys (=attack) by Eetu Isto, and it has very much symbolics in it... It represents Finland's history and how we had to fight for our independence. We just went through that stuff in history... :'D Actually it was interesting to see it IRL.
There was a special exhibition about dollhouses! I loved it.
Just look at all those details! You wouldn't believe how small all that actually was...
Awww! Can you see the little cakes over there?

It was so gorgeus IRL... The picture is quite bad, but click it bigger if it helps.

This was the dollhouse of the month. So cute!

My tradition everytime I go to Helsinki: Ben & Jerry's! Cherry Garcia <3
Some more Greenpeace protesting: the text says "the monument of selfishness".
Oh yeah, back to home... Sweet. (I wish you could hear the sarcasm in my voice... :P) This reminds me of a horror movie. 
Well, would someone like to visit here? xD Ah, thank god the summer is coming... I'm depressing here! :'D I have to do extra cheerful and happy nails so I wouldn't sink in this greyness.
I'm sorry, this was a little depressing post, and I don't want to put my shoppings in this because they're so cute that they wouldn't fit into this text... ;D U know. So a posting about my shoppings coming up! I didn't buy lots of stuff but they're so cute! Hehe. ^^

Ihan lyhyt tiivistelmä tänään: Kävin Helsingissä Kansallismuseossa hissankurssini takia. Kuvat kertovat siitä enemmän! ;) Helsingissä oli menossa parikin mielenosoitusta, Greenpeace protestoi ydinvoimaa vastaan ja joku porukka kantoi isoja kylttejä joissa oli kuvia mm. turkiseläinten kärsimyksestä. Se oli aika ikävää, sillä paikalla oli pieniä lapsia jotka selvästi pelästyivät eläinten kuvia. Eihän pienet sellaista ymmärrä, eikä heidän mielestäni vielä tarvitsekaan. Ei erityisen piristävää, museoreissu ja mielenosoituksia... Tämä viimeaikainen sääkään ei ole pahemmin kohottanut mielialaa. :P Shoppailu onneksi piristi! ^^ Että sellasita tänään, tämä taisi olla vähän masentava postaus... Aion tehdä seuraavaksi jotkut tosi piristävät kynnet, tuo harmaus tuolla pihalla alkaa ottaa päähän. Ensi kerralla kuitenkin Helsingin reissun ostokset, itse olen niihin todella tyytyväinen! En ostanut paljoa, mutta ne on kyllä tosi söpöjä juttuja... ;))


  1. I would love to go to Helsinki! Well I wanna go to Finland in general.. :) Hopefully spring will come to you guys soon!

  2. Really?? :D Well, welcome! But if you come here, make sure it's summer. Otherwise the weather will be horrible... :'D

  3. OOOOh I love that song by Adele and ADORE the video! <3 <3

    Thank you for posting about your trip to the museum (and Ben and Jerry's makes me drooool!)

    I find the Greenpeace banner against Nuclear power very interesting because it's mimicking a very well known painting called The Scream by Edvard Munch. Was it hanging on or near an art gallery?

    Hope the weather gets better!

  4. Hhehe, mulla oli niin kiva päivä tänään...Vitsi vitsi ;) Toi nukkekoti on ihana <3

  5. JQ: I think it's a nice song too, and I figured it fits to this text... ^^
    I'm glad you liked this post even though there was no nail things! :)
    I think it was a clever idea to make a huge poster that reminds people from a famous painting, that way people remember them. And yeah, it was actually hanging near the gallery of modern arts!
    I hope so too, but currently it's snowing... :P

    Karzu: Haha, kiitti... :P Mutta juu, eikö olekin! :3

  6. benjerryomnomnom hei oon salee käyny tuol museos...

  7. Ben and Jerry's on niin parasta jädee! Ja toi Adelen biisi on mun tämän hetken lemppari =)

  8. That museum is one of the most beautiful ones in Helsinki. I lived in there for a half a year and visited it like 7 times xD I juts love it!

    That song from Adele is so so so so good! it always makes me feel good!

  9. Snoooow!! It might be annoying for you to hear me saying this, but I LOVE snow!! I don't see any snow here at all:( I want to live in a snowy country someday:D I heard that Finland is a beautiful country! I definitely would like to visit therexD Thank you for showing inside of the museum:) I loved them:D

  10. FIREINCAIRO: Ihan mahollist joo, olisit voinu tulla mun seuraks... ;)

    Hanna: Ben & Jerry's, normijätskit ei maistu enää millekkään niitten jälkeen! ;D

    SugarRat: Well, I liked the dollhouse exhibition very much! And there was very quiet and peaceful. :)

    Minnie: Haha, I understand that you like snow since you don't have it there... :'D It's just that we have it too much here!! I would happily give you some of it if I could. :P
    Finland is beautiful country in summer or in the middle-winter, but spring and autumn... Well, I don't recommend visiting here then. ;)