Saturday, April 30, 2011

Not Like The Movies

First I want to say Happy May Day to everyone of you! I know it's not the first of may yet, but in Finland we celebrate today. ;) It's called Vappu in Finland and it's a huge event. People wear funny costumes and party... It's like a carnival. Except for me, I suppose I wont be celebrating much this May Day, because in UAE they don't seem to have it... :'D
Anyway, now to the nails. This is the first swatch of the polishes I bought, Not Like The Movies from Katy Perry collection.

I love that polish! First of all the color looks different depending to the lightning. It can look deep purple, shimmery green, green from the sides and purple in the middle or silver grey... And all the time there are these gorgeus tiny silver sparkles shimmering through. So versatile!
It's quite opaque, though, and I used three coats. But I have to say that I'm extremely surprised about how well it stayed on! We went to waterpark Atlantis (it's in Dubai, Palm Jumeirah) on the next day I polished my nais, and I spent six hours in the water. And guess what? The polish didn't crack at all! My nails were still flawless when we left home. I think it's amazing, because last time we were at Atlantis, my nails suffered badly...
Anyway, gorgeus color and long lasting polish. I like! ^^

I tried to take underwater picture but it failed because of the waves... :'D
Rakastan tätä lakkaa! Väri on upea, ja se vaihtuu sen mukaan missä valaistuksessa sitä katsoo. Se voi olla täysin violetti, kokonaan vihreä tai molempia ja hopeaisen harmaa. Lisäksi siinä on ihanaa hopeista kimallusta.
Upean värin lisäksi lakka on todella kestävä. Laitoin kolme kerrosta, ja menimme vesipuisto Atlantikseen (Dubai, Palm Jumeirah) heti seuraavana päivänä. Olin vedessä kuusi tuntia, eikä lakka edes lohjennut! Kynnet olivat lähtiessä samassa kunnossa kuin tullessa. Minusta se on aika vaikuttavaa, varsinkin kun viimeksi kun olimme samaisessa vesipuistossa, kynteni kärsivät niin paljon että niitä piti lyhentää... :'D

Mutta hei, Hauskaa Vappua kaikille! ;)


  1. Hauskaa vappua sullekkin ;D Ja onneks sain ostettua ton lakan ittellenikin, se on niiiin ihana! :)

  2. Heh, Teenage Dream olis kans ollut ihana! ;D

  3. The colour effect is amazing!! Your nails are super long and gorgeous!!!! How can you grow them so beautifully XD Happy May Day to you too~:D

  4. It is, right? :D And thank you so much, I really don't know how my nails grow this long, I guess being really careful with them helps... ^^'