Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fimo tutorial part 4 - Candy cane!

I know I said that the next tutorial would be donut, but that has to wait now because christmas is coming! So here we go, candy cane tutorial for christmas! :D
Candy canes are probably the easiest to make, so I suppose I should have done this as the very first of the tutorials, but now it´s more current. :) First I thought to leave texts out because you don´t really need them, I think you see everything important by just looking the pictures. But I did them anyway, maybe they´re useful.

Okay. I hope it´s useful! ^^ Next time I´ll do the donut-tutorial! :)


  1. Aaaah, I've been waiting for this!:D I didn't think this was THIS easy!! I was thinking it's some how harder....:'D Well, thanks anyway=)) And there's only 29h until you come here, so excited!!

  2. Haha, u r welcome! ^^ and I´m so excited too, can´t wait! :D

  3. Hei :)

    Blogissani on sinulle haaste:


  4. I've never tried moulding any fimo clay before. These look easy enough to make. Are you make tiny minature cancy canes for nail art? They will look so cute :")

  5. Mirka: Kiitoksia paljon! :D

    Jin: Candy canes are really easy, you definitely should try them! ^^ I´ve done tiny candy canes for nails, I haven´t tried them yet but they look cute! :))