Monday, December 13, 2010

It´s quite sophisticated...

... or that´s what I think of these nails:
Beige and nude --> pretty! :)
Nail piercing! :DD
I bought some new nail polishes couple of days ago, and used some of them on that design. First I sponged `Dust and Diamonds` on the tip, and then one layer of shimmery `Gina` from Wet and Wild. Then I added some Brown pearls on my ring- and index finger! You might recognize those nail piercing jewelleries from my earlier post, here.

H&M nail polishes I bought: Dust and Diamonds,Pink Mist and Gold.
This one is my favorite! :3
Polishes I used on the nails: Wild and Crazy Gina and H&M Dust and Diamonds.
Okay. It feels like forever since I last updated altough it was only 5 days ago! I´m sorry! :''D My blog is running late, I have so much things I should post about, but I´m too busy at the moment! D: Be patient, I´m doing the best I can. ^^
My dear friend was almost two months on holiday in Vietnam, and last week she finally came back! Yey! :D She told me she was at manicure every week while staying there. I want too! It would be wonderful if someone else did my nails for a change. :) And just look at her nails!

So p r e t t y ! *w*
I want to learn how to do that kinds of manicures! OwO Yeah.
I´ll try to get something done here, hopefully I´ll be able to post more often. Luckily I have some help:

Nippe was helping me while I was blogging! ^^


  1. Whoa! I love that pierced nail look. I don't know if it's handy, but it sure does look cool. =)

  2. Your nails look so perfect! I love the key and the lock<3

  3. I love the gradient and the studs. Wow, you are so brave to pierce your nail!

  4. Like OMG(hahaha), I love those nails!!Both nails!! And I of course love our cat, too^^ I would be so glad too, if u someday learn to do manicures like that ;D
    And I can understand that you're busy, it's because u are coming HEREEEE!!! I'm so excited^^ x) XD Please tell me, have u already found the nail polishes I asked?? :)

  5. nihrida: Sometimes the piercing stucks to my mittens, which is very annoying... But I think it´s worth it, and I can always take it off. :D

    shiny: Thank you~ ^^

    ABOP: Thanks! :D I think the piercing looks pretty cool, and if I take it off, the hole it leaves is so tiny you can barely see it. Handy! ;)

    Karzu: Hehe, Thanks! :3 Maybe I can show you how to do those when I come... ;)
    And I´m sorry, I haven´t found them, but I´ll keep looking! ^^

  6. Luin just muutaman sivun sun postauksia ja pakko sanoo, että sulla on taitoa! Liityin lukijaksikin, ihan pakko jäädä seuraamaan tätä blogia. :)

  7. Kiitos paljon! :D Ja tervetuloa lukemaan! ^^

  8. Good, thanks! It's okay, I can try to find some in here, but those you find, you can bring them :D

  9. I found your blog though Jin Jin's Adventures. Gee, have I been missing out! Your nails are beautiful and yes, I'll be back for more of your stunning nail art!

  10. I´m glad you found my blog! :D Welcome! ^^