Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nail visitor and some Christmas-things!

Lots of pictures coming up!

I polished Katys nails couple of days ago. H E R E is more pics, check it out, I really like the way they turned out! And Katy was happy too. :)

Minne Mouse -nails! :D
Then I made some christmas gifts! I haven´t decided yet which is going to who, but here´s a sneak peak:

LOTS of cake-earrings, cookies and other cute stuff! All made of fimo-clay. :)
Donut-earrings are for me! ;)
Btw, I bought myself a new nail polish! It´s so gorgeus, I have to share couple of pics of it:

Models own - Disco Mix
So sparkly!*w*
Here was a huge snowstorm week ago and now there´s very much snow outside, at least 30 cm. That also means lots of ploughing for me... My arms ache! :'D And it´s freezing  and dark! That makes photographing quite difficult.

Snowstorm. o_o
Christmas lights!

Ahh, so beautiful! Altough it´s too cold, I´m lovin´ t! ^w^


  1. Blogissani on sinulle 'palkinto':



  2. I have to say, I can't do anything about that I'm more like a snow person, ya'know, I love when it's freezing, I love sledding and down hill skiing, snowboarding and things like that -oh, and snow fight!xDxDXDXD!! But I LOVE the nail polish, it's a bit same like the one I have, IF you can, is it possible to bring that colourful bling nail polish in here(my)??

  3. Mirka: Kiitoksia! :D

    Karzu: I love snow also, but enough is enough. :)
    I´ll try to remember to bring that polish with me. ^^

  4. Hahaa finally I`m a nail visitor, my dream came true <3 :)

  5. Hehe, you´re welcome! ^^ It´s always nice to polish other peoples nails! :D

  6. I LURV SNOW! Where you live looks so pretty! So awesome. I don't mind shoveling the snow, as it is about the only exercise i get in the winter months. :p

    You make some seriously cute things with fimo I am always inspired!

  7. Everything looks beautiful after snowing! ^^ I know that shoveling is good exercise, but still! :'D

    Thank you! :3

  8. En tiedä miten minulta on jäänyt huomaamatta sinun blogisi, mutta söpöjä lakkauksia teet ja jään seuraamaan! :)

  9. No hyvä että eksyit tänne, tervetuloa vain lukemaan! :D

  10. HOOO tuun heti nyysimää noi donitsit ja ruusut vähintäänkii!! O_O <3

  11. Haha sä osaat kyl iteki kunhan vähä yrität! :DD