Saturday, December 25, 2010

Fimo tutorial part 5 - Donut!

First of all, Merry Christmas everyone!! :D Here´s my fifth fimo-clay tutorial, Donut! Consider it as a christmas-gift... ;)

Okay! And this was the last fimo-tutorial, I hope they´ve been useful for you and you´ve enjoyed modelling. ^^ Of course there´s always a possibility that I´ll do more of these tutorials in the future... ;)
Also I have something to tell you: I´m currently on holiday at the United Arab-Emirates! I´m visiting my family, they live here in Al-Ain, so I´m taking a little break with blogging for now. Don´t worry, I´ll be back soon, so don´t go anywhere. ;) And when I come back, I´ll have lots of stuff to blog about! Nails and shoppings and christmas gifts... ^^
But for now, see you probably next year, enjoy your holidays and have relaxing christmas! <3


  1. You gave me one donut already, and I think it's so cool!! I have to try to do one too:DD

  2. More, more!! :) Thank you for great tutorials! I found and ordered fimo because of you :) Just tried to do the first earrings of it and some nail accessories. The earrings were better than nail art :) Easier to shape because of size and no worries of fitting it to nail surface...

  3. I´m so happy these tutorials have been useful for you! :D I´ve also done lots of earrings, they sure are easier than nail accessories but I´ve tried them too. ^^ I think that handmade fimo things are so cute! :3

  4. Thank you for sharing this tutorial! I found a shop near my office that sells fimo-clay. I really want to give this a try. Enjoy your holidays :)

  5. You´re welcome! ^^ You definitely have to try fimo-clay! :))