Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I haven´t posted for a while, but I have a good reason for that! I was at Lapland! ^^ There was so beautiful but very dark, I didn´t see a glimpse of sun while staying there. We in Finland call that kaamos, I suppose it´s polar night or something in english. :) Anyway that means that sun doesn´t rise at all in northern Finland. o_o Somehow it didn´t bother me, altough I love sun. Polar night just makes Lapland an exotic and fascinating place! I still wouldn´t move there permanently! :D Just look at this (warning, lots of pictures coming up!):

There were christmas-lights everywhere! And behind you can see the slopes.
SPA was completely renovated, there were plenty of pools inside and outside. Also hot- and cold-water pools.
Smurfs!!! xD
They´re still working on that snow-sculpture. It was amazing already! And it wasn´t the only one.
Of course a little break at Coffee House... ^^

The World Cup -Slope, Levi Black! o_o
It doesn´t even look that stark in the pics, but believe me, it was! :'D
There was quite misty on the top of  Levi-arctic hill... :D
And that´s how my nails looked during the mini-holiday. Simple french! :)
Ahh. So what do you think? Wanna be there? ;) I´m back home already, but that sure was such an refreshing little holiday! ^^
PS. My blog has almost 80 followers! Wow! :D Thank you all of you, and welcome! ^^


  1. Oh Wow! I LOVVVE Snow sculptures! And a basic french is just classy in my books. I saw that picture of the coffee and chocolate and now my tummy is grumbly! Looks so good. :)

    I never thought before but now I need to make myself a pair of fingerless gloves so I can show off my mani in the winter months! :)

  2. Snow sculptures are amazing! There was also ice sculptures, but nothing was finished yet. I wish I could see them all finished! ^^

    Fingerless gloves are very handy when it gets cold, and surprisingly warm! :) I wore them under my skiing gloves because there was super-cold! :D
    I wish I could make a pair myself, but it´s too hard for me! :'D

    Sorry, Y'know how much I LOVE Levi....:((( And I miss snowboarding ans downhill skiing...:'(
    But, love the pics (OF COURSE) and I think that the french manicure looks pretty nice in snow, because snow is white, of course...^^
    But, tell my greetings to the cats, please..?? And the other ones too, oh, and tell me, if there's any christmas cards for me, in the post.

  4. Haha, you should snowboard at desert! ;D
    Our christmas-cats Nippe and Sippe are sending hugs to you! ^^

  5. Thanxx!! I've already "snowboarded" in the desert, it's quite different...:)

  6. Ranskalainen on aina yhtä tyylikäs!