Tuesday, January 25, 2011

ALL my nail things

I´ve been quite busy lately, I have a huge "deep-cleansing" operation going on in my room... ;) It included my nail things also. And OMG how much work I had to do to get them organized... Now I have some before&after photos for you!

I´m very sorry for the lousy quality of the pics, but I had no daylight available...
So messy!!! Seeing all those stickers also reminded me to USE them, not just buy them...

That´s all my nail polishes. Uh, when I´m looking at that pile of polishes, it makes me want to stop buying them more... But I always crack under the pressure! :'D I´m a shopaholic, I confess!
Now for the after-pics:

1. Tiny sequins
2. Rhinestones and cutted fimos
3. Glitter powders
4. Random stuff, for example toothpicks :)
5. Fimos and 3D nail accessories
6. Tiny beads
7. Assorted nail accessories (chains, 3D-stuff...)
8. Nail piercings
9. Stickers
10. Stickers
11. Nail Jewerly parts
12. Rhinestones and pearls

1. Matte top-coats and nail glues
2. Konad plates and other stamping stuff
3. OPI mini polishes and 3 Konad special polishes
And under those there are some nail polishes. Okay, lots of nail polishes.  ^^'
Then all together:

1. My travelling nail-kit, there´s nail files, hand creams and other stuff I need to keep my nails pretty.
2. Nail polishes
3. Two-way nail-art polishes
4. Nail art-polishes
5. Nail polish remover
6. Base- and top coats
That´s it. Maybe that´s not perfect, but I´m so happy to have everything under control, clean and organized! Oh yeah, I´m a shopaholic AND a controlfreak too. Great. :'D
Now this is where I keep all that stuff:

Click the pictures if you want to see details, but I´m so sorry for the quality!!! >_<
I was thinking to do a post about all my nail polishes, I mean just the polishes, picture of all of them sorted by the label (like in "families") and maybe a swatch of each one. :) That´s going to take some time and effort, but  
would you be interested?


  1. I love the way it is put!!
    Yes I'd be interested! Of course!

  2. That's a lot of beautiful nail polishes! I'm so envious about you, You damn KITE! Gimme some!! >:D))

  3. rock-or-not: Thanks! I guess I´ll start to plan that post, then. :))

    Lena: Hehe, kite, I get it... xD))

  4. Oh I need to reorganise my nail room too. My nail polish collection is also getting really out of hand hehe. I also have the habit of collecting 3D nail stickers but never use them. Sometimes I just can't bear to use them cos they look so pretty.

  5. Yeeeeeeah! I'm totally interested!!

    And WHOA I didn't know that you have THAT much polishes **WWWW**

  6. Jin: It´s actually very reliefing to know that everything is under control after cleaning! It´s a lot of work but it´s worth it. :)
    I have the same problem with my stickers, they´re so cute I don´t want to use them... :'D

    Karzu: They surprised myself, actually... ^^'