Wednesday, January 12, 2011

...and I´m BACK !!!

Yeah, my holiday is over and I´m back in cold, snowy Finland again. :'D This is just a quick post, I´ll post pics about my shoppings and nails on this weekend, when I got everything organized. There´s LOTS of pictures coming up, and I´m so excited to share them with you guys! UAE is such a beautiful country, I can´t wait to go back... :D
Here´s a little sneak peak:

Love it! <3


  1. Aaaah, beach!! I can't WAIT to u to put those pics!! Was it nice to be in here with me??

  2. Moi! :) reckless harmony on vaihtanut nimeä JA osoitetta. Päivitä siis lukijuutesi Kynsismin puolelle!