Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award !

I got this one from Diava, thank you very much! ^^

No I´m supposed to tell you 7 things about me, right? I just realized that though I haven´t  received this award before, I´ve done Beautiful Blogger -award, (I posted about it looong time ago, some of you might remember, it´s over here...) where I also had to tell 7 things about myself. Here are the 7 things I listed then...

1. I always leave my nail things laying around when I´m done with polishing... I´m a messy person. :'D
2. My right hands nails are shorter than lefts! Can you keep a secret??
3. I need two chairs when I´m eating breakfast, because I want to lift my legs on that other one. My sister thinks this is very annoying... I´m sorry! :D
4. Everyone knows when I´m hungry, because I have hiccups when I´m hungry or when I´ve just finished my meal... ^^'
5. I actually think Justin Bieber has some good songs! Just couple! :'D
6. I´m very lazy. That´s it.
7. I had to ask my sister to help me with this... Embarrassing.

...and that list is still correct, nothing has changed, so I´m not going to do another list because it´s very hard to think new things to list. ^^´
Well, I´d like to mention that I´m working on that 1. thing, trying to keep everything in order... I´ll have to buy a new chest of drawers or something! Oops, I almost forgot... Here are  stylish bloggers I´m giving this award forward (If you´ve done it already, it´s okay!):


...okay there are a lot more stylish bloggers but I´ll tag just five of them, sorry. :)
I have no nail pictures this time, I´m sorry, I just like my nails I did in UAE so much... :'D But I´ll post nail pics as soon as I do something new. :) Hey, I also want to share something with you:

I hope it works... I love this song, but just look at her NAILS in that video! Wow! *_*


  1. Kiitos paljon tunnustuksesta, arvostan tätä :-)


    ps. ja nuo kynnet on kyl ihanat ! :o

  2. Voi kiitos kovasti! Olipa ihana yllätys :)

  3. Bananaaaa, you just made me a VERY embarassing thingie here! Now I don't have anyone who haden't done this!! How dare you ;)) I'll remember this xD ;) And gosh how blingie those nails are!