Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Nail Designs and Shoppings from UAE !

Okay, LOTS of PICS coming up!
First some pictures from UAE (United Arab Emirates), because there was so beautiful, warm and sunny! Although many of them are taken from Dubai, my family lives in Al Ain. :)

Hahaa, leaving the cold, icy Finland! >:D
Dubai Beach - oh how I miss that sunshine!
Dubai by night - picture taken from Burj Khalifa, which is the world´s highest building! 8)
Some of Dubai´s skyscrapers... They were so high! :'D
The world´s biggest indoor aquarium or something, in Dubai Mall. It was huge!!!
We also visited in Al Ain Zoo. Aren´t they cute? <3
Al Ain by night, pic taken from the top of Jebel Hafeet.
A camel!!! I love it! ^^
Palm Jumeirah
We were at Ferrari World... Of course we had to try it! And it was COOL!
And leaving UAE... Shaky pic from airplane... :'D
I want to go back! :'D
Everything was so huge in Dubai, I felt very tiny everytime we were there... Good thing my family lives in Al Ain, it´s more green than Dubai or Abu Dhabi, and it´s not sort of a tourist place as Dubai! I think Al Ain is just more comfortable than them, u know? :) There´s more great pics in my sisters´ blogs, HERE and HERE. Check them out! ;)
Now I have lots of nail designs to show you! :D Take a look:

My toe nails on the beach! Those are the stickers I bought from Tsukicon.
And French gradient manicure with rhinestone, I really liked this one, simple and pretty!
These I made for my little sister who lives in UAE, Karzu.
and things I used to them...
I love that polish, so I just had to polish my own nails with it... :'D But isn´t it gorgeus??
Toe nails also... Please ignore my crappy toes! :'D
I took a henna tattoo!
It turned out very dark brown in couple of days, I think it looks cool! :D
This desidn is made by Karzu! Its very cute, isn´t it? :)
I bought my first Konad plates! This is one of my first attempts, index finger failed but the rest are okay, right? :)) Polish is OPI Merry Midnight.
Another try with Konads, this time on Karzu´s nails.

Isn´t that cute colour? I love it! *_* It´s the Claire´s pink polish.
This design is currently on my nails, I like it very much! I haven´t done anything that complicated for a while. :)

Things I used...
+Konad plate m32.
So what do you yhink about them? :) That last design is my personal favorite... And I´m surprised about how easy those Konads are to use, I´d never tried them out before. I still have to practise, of course. ^^'
Now the nail polishes I bought:

OPI - Merry Midnight
OPI - Dazzle me
OPI - Sparkle-icious ( I´m still bitter that didn´t manage to get Mad As a Hatter -polish from Alice in Wonderland collection, and this is my "consolation prize"...:'D)
Claire´s matte top coat
Claire´s nail polishes from L to R: 176, 105, 166, 112.
I just love the blue and pink ones!

Inglot top coat
OPI Irre-swiss-ables mini polishes! From L to R: Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous, Yodel Me on My Shell, Color So Hot it Berns and RapiDry Top Coat.
Those mini polishes are so cute!
Some nail accessories... ^^ '
I also bought OPI - Show It And Glow it and Chip Skip, but I forgot to take a pic of them. I´ll present them to you later! :) Then I bought four Konad plates, m14, m72, m32 and m3 + three Konad special polishes, black, white and red. Then I bought lots of accessories, but I have no pics of them neither. ^^' I´m sorry, but you´ll see them, I promise! :)
And of course I bought lots of other stuff, clothes and everything, but this is a nail blog. :P
So now I´m back Finland and I´ll blog normally again! I can´t wait to try out the rest of my shoppings... ;) I hope you all had great New Years Eve and your year has started great! ^^
And wow, while I´ve been on holiday, my blog has now over 90 followers! o_o You´re all very welcome to read my blog, I hope you enjoy it and I´m glad you found it! <3
If you have any questions or wishes, let me know! See you all~


  1. Aaaaah, my desing and my nails^^ I hadn't even posted them in my OWN blog yet! xD Well, I have to hurry...!

  2. Yeah, they were all very cute! <3 :))

  3. Ihania kuvia♥ Miekin haluuun ulkomaille :( mut varmaa miut ärsyttäis jos lähen johki lämpimää ja sitku tuun takas ni tääl on kylmä talvi... :D

    Kivoja ostoksia löysit ja kaiki kynnet oli ihania :-)

    Muttta: Tää kysymys miuta on mietittynä ihan hirveen pitkään: Mikä kamera siulla on? :-D


  4. Niinpä,sieltä oli aika järkytys tulla keskelle Suomen loskaa ja pimeyttä! :'D

    Kiitoksia :))

    Mulla on Olympus μ (kai se jotenkin noin kirjoitetaan...), ihan normi kamera, tosin iskun- ja vedenkestävä. :)

  5. awesome piccies hon :D just wanted to let you know that I've given your blog The Stylish Blogger Award:


  6. Thanks! ^^
    And thank you so much for the award, I really appreciate it! :)

  7. Vau mitä kynsiä, ja noin nuori tyttö vielä! :) Sulla on kyllä todella silmää kynsitaiteiluun. Löysin blogiisi Sonnelan kisan kautta, jään kyllä lukijaksi! :)

  8. Heh, kiitoksia! :D Kiva että löysit tänne, tervetuloa seuraamaan! :))