Thursday, January 27, 2011

Shocking Pink

I haven´t shown you nails for a while, because I´m entering to a nail art contest and it has to be done anonymous. The competition is only in Finland, I think, but it´s HERE, if someone is interested. :) I´ve done 2 manicures for that, and I´ll show them to you when the winner is released. ;))
Anyway, I bought a gorgeus neon pink! Sorry that the pics are quite crappy again. Now I´ll introduce the polish to you on my pathetic, short right-hand nails. :'D

Sinful Colors - Fusion Neon
Just look at that GLOW!
I also bought a Wet´n´wild -polish which name I can´t remember right now...
Aagh it´s so bright! The best neon pink I´ve tried. The sun wasn´t even shining and it was already quite gloomy, but the polish is still shocking pink. I´m in love! ;DD


  1. Those nails are so cute and sexy! ^^
    Me likey ;D

  2. Uuuu, kilpailuu! Muista olla LUOVA!! Onnea :)
    Ja ihana NEON PINKKI!! Nähää 1vkon ja 1 päivän pääst :DD Can't wait O_O_O_O

  3. Niimpä, hirveet paineet ku kaikki osallistuu... o_o
    Nähään <3