Sunday, February 6, 2011

Find the differences

I was shopping for prom shoes at Helsinki, and I also bought new crackle -polishes (and found perfect shoes, too!). I'd heard that Depend has now it's own crackle-collection, and I wanted to try that out. Here's what I bought:

Depend pink Crackle Effect and IsaDora black Graffiti -polishes. I haven't tried the pink one yet, but that black is gorgeus! Here's a manicure I did with that:

I used the green Claire's polish as the base.

But.... Guess what? I suppose that IsaDora has run out with their original crackle polish bottles, or how can you explain this:

They almost look like the same with the paper-sealing on, but when you take it away...

How many differences can you find?

Oh noooo! I want my collection to be coherent! D: Well, I could accept the differences between the bottles to that point, but look at this:

Even the brushes are different!!! That ordinary, wide brush is so handy when putting on the crackle polish, because you need only one stroke and there it is, you're ready. But with that ordinary, non-wide brush you need several strokes, and that's very troublesome especially when you have long nails, like I do. The polish starts to crack very quickly, and you can't really fix it after it starts to dry. It has to be pretty much perfect with one stroke... Agh, I'm so frustrated. Luckily the quality of the polish itself is flawless.

Normal, beautiful IsaDora bottle.
The weird, sturdy bottle I dislike. :(
They have just glued on the stickers with the right inci and other information...

Oh, how disappointed I am. :P But there are some good things, I have to say. Though it says on the bottle that it has as much polish as the ordinary bottle, I'm pretty convinced that there's more polish in that bigger bottle. And it's still the same price... ;) And yeah, the crackles still look great on nails, no matter what the bottle looks like! :)

Oh, I almost forgot! I polished my friends' nails too!

I used the pink Sinful Colors -polish as the base and black crackle on the top. I did these for Lena.

Pink gradient and konad on top.
And hey, remember to vote, everyone! You have only 4 days left.... ;)


  1. Love the effect! :) Seems crocodile skin.

  2. Oi kuinka ihana väriyhditelmä tuo vihreä + musta :-)

    Itsekkin oisin ihtelly tota samaa juttua jos en olisi joskus lukenut tätä:


  3. Honolulu: Haha, you're right! :D

    Mirka: Kiitos, tykkään itsekin tosi paljon! :)

    Muistelinkin että jossain on ollut noista graffiti lakoista juttua, mutta en löytänyt sitä enää uudestaan... ^^

  4. Thank you for the present ^^ ^^ ^^
    I love these crackles, and I like the nails you did to your friends :)

  5. IsaDora is damn ninja! xD I love those nails you did for me but I'm gonna remove them soon, no offense... bitch <3 ;*