Thursday, February 3, 2011

Light gradient crackle

I finally got new nail design to show you! ;) I was quite frustrated because nothing seemed to work out, first I did simple gradient french manicure by sponging, but I didn't like it. I decided to add some green flower-stickers, but I didn't like that neither. Then I thought that some glitter would make it better, and added a layer of OPI - Dazzle Me. And I still disliked it! I added couple of layers more, but when the whole manicure still looked crappy, I just put a layer of white crackle polish on top of everything. Now I actually like it! :'D

Here you can see the gradient...
And polishes I used:
 Rimmel - London Clouds, H&M - Pink Mist, OPI - Dazzle Me and IsaDora white graffiti -polish.

In the end, I think they're pretty. I didn't mean to do anything like that, but well, it worked, eventally. :)

edit: There's a new opinion poll at my blog's sidebar! I'm going to do a "celebration-post" because I have over 100 followers (!), and you get to decide what it's going to be about.  Here's a little extra-information of some of the topics:
My old nail designs: This is going to be about my nail designs from the time before I started blogging. I've done nails for years, so there're lots of designs you haven't seen yet... ;)
All my nail polishes: As it says, all my polishes with swatches.
And I think that the other three don't need any extra-info... ;)

Remember to vote, everyone! ^^


  1. Nice! I'm also doing one mani now, I though that I'd use that purple matte claire's polish... And maybe some stripes.. But anyway, I like these nails, lovely simple design after those cool one-by-one supercute contest nails :)) How much there's snow by now? I'd like to know, because tomorrow my flight to Finland starts!

  2. Diava: Thank you~ ^^

    Karzu: I also thought that it would be nice to do something simple for a change... ^^
    The snow has actually melted a bit, but don't worry, there's still plenty of it... :P

  3. I voted ! :D
    Please show us ur old nail designs<3

  4. Hehe, maybe I'll do that, we'll see after the poll is over! ;))