Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New look

I shortened my nails again! And this time I shaped them round! I've had "square nails" for a veeery long time, so this new look takes a while to get used to... o_o
Wanna know what made me cut them? LOOK:

I'm very sorry, I kinda lost it and cut them roughly with nail-scissors... ^^' And I forgot to file them before taking the pics.
 Uuh look at those curves... :P Haha, my nails just naturally curl to C-shape, no matter what I do! I loved my square-nails, but disliked that C. :( If I had gel nails or something, they probably wouldn't curl that much, but gel nails don't quite fit to my budjet. :'D So I thought that maybe I should try round nails. They're a bit better now, I think...
Well, my nails feel very small and pathetic now, u know? So I thought that a cute pink polish would look pretty on them. ^^

I just love that shimmery Claire's polish!
Then I decided to add some Konad-cupcakes! :9
And things I used: Konad-plate m14, black Konad special polish and pink Claire's polish.
They're cute, I like them. ^^ And I think I'm going to get used to this new nail style.

I also did Karzu's nails! She was going to a friend's birthday-party, so I used bling:

But hey! My prom is tomorrow (in Finland we have prom for second grade students in high school, but it's almost the same than prom in America, I think.), and I've been super busy lately! I've done my prom-nails already, but you'll have to wait for them a little moment because tomorrow and friday I'll be dancing and celebrating! ;) I've tried out my make-up, I have my dress and nails ready, I've got my shoes and hairdresser for tomorrow, so everything is alright! I'm sooo excited! :D I hope everything is going to be alright and I won't stumble with my dress... ^^
See you soon! :)


  1. My nails curl like that too! I managed to get around that problem by cutting those curled-up parts. They'd stay square and wouldn't be curled any more.

  2. loving the new look :D nails look ace!!! :D hope you have an absolutely fab time at your prom tommorow!!! :D

  3. Joice: Hmm, thanks for the tip! :D I'll try that. ^^

    Diava: Thanks! ^^ I'm sure I'll have lots of fun tomorrow! :D

  4. Ihanat varsinki noi cupcake kynnet! :D

  5. Konadeilla saa helposti nättiä! ;)

  6. No nyt mun pitää mennä äkkiä laittaa noi mun kynnet OMAAN blogiini, aina sä ehit ensin >:)
    Ihanat noi sun kynnet, toi claire's'in lakka näyttää vieläkin paremmalta livenä, ja toivottavasti sun kynnet ei enää mee C muotoon, aikas karmeita kuvia sait napattua.. *_*
    KIIIIIIIITOS kun lakkasit mun kynnet taas kerran, KIIITOS, ja khyllä, aina kun sain kehuja kerroin että rakas siskoni teki nämä hieanot blingit!

  7. Hehe, kiirettä pitää... ;) Ja oikeessa oot, toi pinkki lakka on vieläkin söpömpi livenä! :3
    Ja ole hyvä, aina on kiva lakkailla muitten kynsiä! ^^

  8. I find that my nails curl like that more so when my nails are really dry and need moisture. Have you tried painting the under side of your nails with a clear polish? It's worked for me on occasion! Your nails are still very long though and they look lovely :-)

  9. Ash-Lilly: I've also noticed that my nails straighten when I'm for example swimming, so I think that moisturising would really help! :D I just haven't found anything that would be moisturizing enough... :'D

    Silence is Loud: Thanks! ^^

  10. I like the cupcake nails! !