Saturday, February 19, 2011

Prom nails!

Okay, the prom is over and since the abiturients (is that even a word in English? The translator said the correct word would be candidate for the matriculation examination... :D) are gone, we 2nd graders are the oldest in our high school now! Wohoo! xD That's what we were celebrating on thursday and especially yesterday! ;) Thursday we had the official prom, two shows for parents, and the Friday was our day, u know? ;) We did everything fun stuff at the school, like walking around in our dresses and we also kept one lesson for the 1st graders... Not a real lesson though, we made them do fun stuff like rap the national anthem and so on. xD It was really fun, everyone had great time. We also danced one show on Friday, for other students and teachers. :) And Friday night we had the after-party for all the 2nd graders and dancers, and that honestly was an awesome party! Everyone were having fun and dancing all night. I wish we had parties like that more often! :D
Okay that had nothing to do with nails, but I just wanted to share that with you! ^^ The 2nd graders prom is a  huge event in Finland, everyone has beautiful dresses and hair and make-up, and of course I had to do my nails! I wanted them to match my dress:

With my dress ;)

Quite simple, but I think they're pretty. :)
Hey I'd like to share a pic of my prom hair also:

I loved it! I had to sleep with that hair, so I had my hair like that for three days... :'D But can you believe me, it stayed like that the whole time! :D It was quite challenging to wash all the hair spray off. :P
That was all this time, I'm going to the 2nd graders cruise on Monday, so next I'll do party-nails for that! ;) Ah, I love this! ^^

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New look

I shortened my nails again! And this time I shaped them round! I've had "square nails" for a veeery long time, so this new look takes a while to get used to... o_o
Wanna know what made me cut them? LOOK:

I'm very sorry, I kinda lost it and cut them roughly with nail-scissors... ^^' And I forgot to file them before taking the pics.
 Uuh look at those curves... :P Haha, my nails just naturally curl to C-shape, no matter what I do! I loved my square-nails, but disliked that C. :( If I had gel nails or something, they probably wouldn't curl that much, but gel nails don't quite fit to my budjet. :'D So I thought that maybe I should try round nails. They're a bit better now, I think...
Well, my nails feel very small and pathetic now, u know? So I thought that a cute pink polish would look pretty on them. ^^

I just love that shimmery Claire's polish!
Then I decided to add some Konad-cupcakes! :9
And things I used: Konad-plate m14, black Konad special polish and pink Claire's polish.
They're cute, I like them. ^^ And I think I'm going to get used to this new nail style.

I also did Karzu's nails! She was going to a friend's birthday-party, so I used bling:

But hey! My prom is tomorrow (in Finland we have prom for second grade students in high school, but it's almost the same than prom in America, I think.), and I've been super busy lately! I've done my prom-nails already, but you'll have to wait for them a little moment because tomorrow and friday I'll be dancing and celebrating! ;) I've tried out my make-up, I have my dress and nails ready, I've got my shoes and hairdresser for tomorrow, so everything is alright! I'm sooo excited! :D I hope everything is going to be alright and I won't stumble with my dress... ^^
See you soon! :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My old nail designs!

Okay now its time for that over 100 followers celebration post! And you chose it to be about my old nail designs. ;) I've now edited the pictures, I made 10 collages of 4. I had more pics, but apparently they've got lost in my computer... :/ Well, maybe I'll find them and do a 200 followers posting about them. ;D
As I promised, all the pictures are never-seen-before -material from the time before I started blogging. They're all from winter 2009- spring 2010, so they vary a lot... ^^' Every single one of them is made by me, though you can spot my mom's Popeda-gel nails from there (Popeda is a Finnish band my mom loves ;D) and some fake nails I've done for friends and family.
Here we go - enjoy! ^^

Haha, what do you think? :D Do you have favorites you'd like me to recreate? :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

So what did you want...?

The poll is now over, you can see the results at my blog's sidebar. :) 27 of you voted, and with 18 votes the winner is "My old nail designs"! ;) I'll start to collect the pics, and I'll try to do the posting this weekend. Lots of pictures coming up... And hey, if there's something special that you'd like to see, let me know. ^^
I'll also do new nails tomorrow, because the exam week is over and I want to design valentine's day-mani. <3
Nothing more this time, this was just a boring information posting about what's coming up. :P

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Find the differences

I was shopping for prom shoes at Helsinki, and I also bought new crackle -polishes (and found perfect shoes, too!). I'd heard that Depend has now it's own crackle-collection, and I wanted to try that out. Here's what I bought:

Depend pink Crackle Effect and IsaDora black Graffiti -polishes. I haven't tried the pink one yet, but that black is gorgeus! Here's a manicure I did with that:

I used the green Claire's polish as the base.

But.... Guess what? I suppose that IsaDora has run out with their original crackle polish bottles, or how can you explain this:

They almost look like the same with the paper-sealing on, but when you take it away...

How many differences can you find?

Oh noooo! I want my collection to be coherent! D: Well, I could accept the differences between the bottles to that point, but look at this:

Even the brushes are different!!! That ordinary, wide brush is so handy when putting on the crackle polish, because you need only one stroke and there it is, you're ready. But with that ordinary, non-wide brush you need several strokes, and that's very troublesome especially when you have long nails, like I do. The polish starts to crack very quickly, and you can't really fix it after it starts to dry. It has to be pretty much perfect with one stroke... Agh, I'm so frustrated. Luckily the quality of the polish itself is flawless.

Normal, beautiful IsaDora bottle.
The weird, sturdy bottle I dislike. :(
They have just glued on the stickers with the right inci and other information...

Oh, how disappointed I am. :P But there are some good things, I have to say. Though it says on the bottle that it has as much polish as the ordinary bottle, I'm pretty convinced that there's more polish in that bigger bottle. And it's still the same price... ;) And yeah, the crackles still look great on nails, no matter what the bottle looks like! :)

Oh, I almost forgot! I polished my friends' nails too!

I used the pink Sinful Colors -polish as the base and black crackle on the top. I did these for Lena.

Pink gradient and konad on top.
And hey, remember to vote, everyone! You have only 4 days left.... ;)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Light gradient crackle

I finally got new nail design to show you! ;) I was quite frustrated because nothing seemed to work out, first I did simple gradient french manicure by sponging, but I didn't like it. I decided to add some green flower-stickers, but I didn't like that neither. Then I thought that some glitter would make it better, and added a layer of OPI - Dazzle Me. And I still disliked it! I added couple of layers more, but when the whole manicure still looked crappy, I just put a layer of white crackle polish on top of everything. Now I actually like it! :'D

Here you can see the gradient...
And polishes I used:
 Rimmel - London Clouds, H&M - Pink Mist, OPI - Dazzle Me and IsaDora white graffiti -polish.

In the end, I think they're pretty. I didn't mean to do anything like that, but well, it worked, eventally. :)

edit: There's a new opinion poll at my blog's sidebar! I'm going to do a "celebration-post" because I have over 100 followers (!), and you get to decide what it's going to be about.  Here's a little extra-information of some of the topics:
My old nail designs: This is going to be about my nail designs from the time before I started blogging. I've done nails for years, so there're lots of designs you haven't seen yet... ;)
All my nail polishes: As it says, all my polishes with swatches.
And I think that the other three don't need any extra-info... ;)

Remember to vote, everyone! ^^