Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cherry nails (and other stuff)

I polished my nails on friday! I used those rhinestones I bought on tuesday and some green mini-pearls. Here´s how they turned out:
Quite simple, but I like them a lot! :)

Nail polish was Dollar Green by H&M, two layers.
Posing with cherries! :D
And do you remember that Fimo -clay I bought from Helsinki? I´m loving it! :D I had never worked with it before, but now I think I have to go and buy some more of it, because it was such a  lovely material! Look what I created: (all the pictures are clickable)
(there´s my cell-phone to show you how tiny those things are... :3)
White- and milk chocolate <3
Cake-earrings! I actually have 8 pieces of that cake, because I made the whole cake. :9

Aren´t they cute? And it´s not that hard you would think, really. When you get started it´s very easy! I made donuts, cookies, chocolate, cake, hamburger, lollipop... Now I just have to figure out what I´m going to do with all these cuties.
I´m also having a couple of friends visiting here this weekend, Icelander and Black Cat. Icelander and I have a birthday on wednesday, so we decided to make an early cake!

Peaches, mandarines and whipped cream! Luv it :9
It was so good! But hey, welcome new followers! I hope you´ll have great time with my blog. :D
Now I´ll go for some breakfast!


  1. Saga, jos satut muistamaan, MINÄ olin se ihana henkilö joka tuon lakan osti. Omalla lahjakortilla! Tosin taisin olla velk....Se jääköön mainitsematta xDxD They are soooooooo c-ute!!! I wan´t some cake too....!

  2. Kiitos! :D

    ja Karzu, kyllä satun muistamaan. :) Ostakaa kakkua, siellä se on varmasti halpaa! :9

  3. Love the colour,
    Those pale colours are in this year.

    *just wishes to have nails like that*
    They always break, or fall off lol.

    cheeries <3 so cool on what you can do on nails.

    Japan have little tiny bags, cakes, shoes go on nails! how they get to stay on is anything.

    OUT X.

  4. Thank you! I love that colour too. :D

    It would be interesting to try to do some nail accessories with fimo-clay! Maybe I should try... :) but I´d have to make them really really small! And I´d need very strong glue also :D

  5. It would, have a try!!

    I want to see ¬_¬

    haha, is that what they call it? fimo-clay? woah, shows how much I know about it.


  6. Yes it´s fimo-clay, or at least one that I have is called fimo-clay... :D

    Okay, fimo-nail-accessory -post is coming soon! :3

  7. your blog is so cute...i just stumbled upon it!

    I just created one myself I would love if you followed it!


  8. Thank you! :D I´m glad you like it!

    I just checked out your blog, looking good! Welcome to follow my blog~ :)

  9. you created some super cute stuff! I also love your nail color! SO PRETTY