Sunday, September 19, 2010

Some creativity and Pink leopards

My nails are a bit boring now, they´re wearing just plain polish and no accessories at all. But don´t worry, I´m about to fix it soon!

Nail polish is Creative Hotski To Tchotchke (don´t ask! :D) two layers.


That turquoise reminds me a lot of ocean, or what do you think? :) It definitely needs some ocean-like accessorising! Maybe pearls or something. Little seashells would be perfect, but sadly I don´t have such things right now.
I visited my friend on friday, and polished her nails.

Pink leopards, aren´t they cute? :D

This design turned out pretty well. I absolutely love leopard pattern on nails! Especially in pink. :3

Matching! :)

Yes, there are my doings for this weekend. :) Oh no, the exam week is getting closer! D: That means I won´t have this much time for blogging and nails, but I´ll do my best! I´ll have to design good luck nails for all those exams...

Hot chocolate and whipped cream! <3
See you! :3


  1. Ooh those pink Leopards are too cute! :)

    And I can't wait to see what you do to dress up that pretty blue.

    That hot chocolate looks NOMNOMNOM. <3 Yay sprinkles!

  2. :D Thanks!
    Nothing is better than hot chocolate when it gets cold outside! ^^

  3. awww, those pink leopards are cutee<33