Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nails, nails and Karate Kid

I´ve been very busy lately! First of all, I did those nautical nails I was planning. Here they are:

Winter is coming, and now there are all these beautiful colours everywhere!
The polishes are H&M Blue My Mind and OPI atomic orange (two layers both), from my sister. <3
The anchor is made with tiny golden sequins. These nails turned out quite well, altough the anchor could have been better, I think. But nothing is perfect! :)
I´ve also been working on with another nail design!

This is actually a design I started months ago, but I´ve been too busy to finish it. Now it´s finally ready! :D I like these nails a lot, lots of rhinestones and pearls and other stuff I like... :3

Polishes I used: Wild and Crazy Free Will, Constance Carroll Quick dry Apache ( that´s a VERY old polish!) and NAIL STAR´s black nail art polish.
And guess what? I have one more nail design to show you! :) I´ve been very hardworking! Here we go, step by step (sorry, the pics are a bit blurry...):

These are just the tips. Nail polish is Diffi 25 and stripes are made with white Kiss nail art -polish.
Can you guess what´s coming up? :D
Some more lace with Kiss -polish...
...and rhinestones + fimo-clay...
...and they are ready!
Hahaa, I made those fimo-clay nail accessories! It was very hard because I had to make them very tiny to fit on the nails! But they are cute, or what do you think? :) I´m not sure if I´ll add something to them, I was planning for some rhinestones and pearls and flowers also... We´ll see, maybe.
Then some other stuff! We had another school trip to Helsinki today, we went to visit the Uspenski cathedral with our religions class. The cathedral was beautiful! Train left at 8.52 a.m., and the divine service started at 10 a.m. We had to be there 75 minutes (as long as one lesson takes) and then we were free to go and do what ever we wanted to. Sadly it was sunday and shops were closed, but we had this great idea to go to movies! :D Yes, we went to see Karate Kid! And I loved it! <3

What can I say? Jaden Smith is my idol. ;)
We also saw these bears on Senaatintori. I´m not quite sure what´s that about, but basicly there´s a bear for each country, and an artists have painted the bears all differently. Even Finland has it´s own... But I think it was a bit fail. I mean, look at this:

Compared to this, for example:

I´m not sure which country is this, but it´s a great idea!
What´s going on with that Finland-bear? I don´t see the idea. Or maybe I don´t understand modern art, wouldn´t be the first time. Seriously, look how much more creative these others are!

I have too many pictures of these, and I don´t even remember what countries those are... Only thing that´s for sure is that Finland Failed. ^^' Oh well.

It was impressive. I´m not sure if there was a bear from every country on earth, but there were lots of bears!
I´ll go to bed now, it´s been a very fun and eventful weekend! :D I hope you liked the nails, and welcome, new followers! :)

Sippe says good night! <3


  1. löysin sun blogin vasta ja omg , pakko sanoo että sulla on ihan sairaaan siistei kynsii ;) Mistä noi paljetit on ? ==)

  2. Kiitos! :D Paljetit on sellasesta pikku askarteluliikkeestä kuin Taide-apaja Riihimäeltä, mut oon kyllä nähnyt niitä muissakin askartelukaupoissa. :)

  3. I absolutely adore the nautical nails! I feel inspired to use a nautical theme now!

    And I think you totally WIN for making your own fimo accessories. They rock!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Following!

    PS: My sister in law recently visited Finland and I am so jealous! Very pretty. Reminds me of home (Northern Canada)

  4. I´m glad you like them! :D

    And making those tiny fimo things is totally worth it, though it was hard, have to admit... :'D

    Thank you for visiting my blog! :)

    I wonder what was she doing here! But when you´re from Canada, the coldness isn´t such a shock, I guess... :D

  5. bwaaa ihania kynsiä taas..! noi on ne mitä tein sillon ko mää olin viime kertaa edeltävällä kerralla teil? >D kokeilin yhtä mun kynnen päälle? 8-D
    uu kivoja karhusia, pitäne ekäyä tsekkaa jos kerkii ennenko ne karkaa sielt! samallako käy ostaa sitä massaa.. ^^

    ja sit pitä mainostaa, avasin nyt tän vähän vapaamman blogin taiteilun ja sarjisten ulkopuolelta: ^^'

  6. Joo nehän ne on... aattele että nyt vasta sain valmiiks! :'D

    Meen stalkkaamaan! >:D

  7. Herramunjee miten ihania kynsiä osaat tehdä!! Itelläni on se vika että pureskelen kynsiä joten tollaisista mun olis turha haaveillakaan... :)

  8. Mhahaa, kiitos! :3 Lopeta pureskelu ku oot niin taiteellinen ni pystyisit varmaan vaikka millasiin taiteiluihin! :D

  9. Oi että miten ihania! Olet taitava :)

    Ja mikä ihana kissa <3

  10. Kiitos!Ja tervetuloa lukemaan blogiani! :)