Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lots of pics... :D

I had birthday yesterday, and I got some amazing gifts! :D My sister had bought me two nail polishes and Chocolate recipe book which is filled with delicious chocolate recipes. I can´t wait to try them!
OPI atomic orange and H&M Blue My Mind  - I´m loving them! <3
Texts on the cover are: food favorites Chocolate, over 100 good recipes :9
I have to try these! :D
My mom, little sister and -brother are now living abroad, but here´s what mom had bought me before they left (I opened them all on my birthday-morning):
SNÖ bracelet... Isn´t it gorgeus? I love that pink... <3
Matching earrings! :D
SNÖ necklace! This is also beautiful! <3
It matches perfectly with my nails! :D
 Ring and necklace from Bijou Brigitte :)

I love them all... :D Thank you so much! My brother also gave me Barbapapa soft toy! x) It´s funny and just what I needed. :P
He´s (?) posing with pear tree... :D
Yes, birthdays are lovely. <3 Those polishes are so pretty, maybe I should do nautical nails next? We´ll see...
Today was the first sunny day for a long time! (Welcome back, sun...) So I went to take those pics outside. Look who came to wonder what I was doing!

It´s Niilo again! <3
Poor Niilo, it´s getting cold here in Finland... :'D But new designs are coming as soon as I have enough time to execute them. :)
See you! :3


  1. your cat is so cute!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  2. Your kitty is so cute! I love the pink plushie! So cute and funny!

  3. Niilo and Barbapapa are adorable! :3

  4. OOOOH, i miss niilo so much!! And you all too. How cute presents!! I´m sorry i didn´t give to you any presents, but that card what we show to you at skype was my idea<3