Saturday, September 25, 2010

Let´s keep it simple

First of all some (hopefully) better pics of my previous turquoise mani:

I still didn´t have an opportunity to photograph in direct sunlight, because it was cloudy, but at least I got the pics taken outside in natural lighting! :)
Then my nails at the moment! I just finished them and managed to take pics outside. Now it would have been too late, since it´s already dark outside! :o I was planning to go jogging this evening, but it´s so dark that I´m not brave enough to do that... ^^' Oh well, the nails:

Green again! My lucky colour... :D
Polishes I used: H&M Dollar Green, Golden Rose Holographic color 115 and Kiss Nail Art polish. 

What do you like? They don´t look that holographic in the pictures, but I think they´re pretty. :) And I also polished my toe nails!

Nail polish is Models Own Green tea. It´s actually a matte polish, which surprised me a bit! But I like it. :)
Lots of green and pretty simple both in finger and toe nails!
But hey, I have already 25 followers! :D Thank you all! I´m glad if you enjoy reading my blog. ^w^ If you have any wishes about what you´d like me to post about, please let me know!

Sippe wanted to take part in my polishing! :D


  1. I just love the fuchsia and turquoise together on that first mani! <3 <3

    And your light green mani is pretty stellar. :)

    I have a big shepherd cross doggie that comes with me when I jog after dark. :) It's nice to have him to protect me!

  2. those are some awesome nails there

  3. JQ: I only have two little cats, and they don´t like jogging! :'D

    my leetle nails: Thank you! :)

  4. Your designs are so pretty!
    Your pictures look so professional as well.
    How did you get your nails so long?
    I'm so jealous! *-*
    Totally following!!!

  5. Thank you! :D I guess that my nails just are strong enough to grow that long... ^^

  6. Thank you, and welcome to follow my blog! :D

  7. So wonderful! Love those! And you and Sippe too<33x)