Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cookie nails

I wanted to use those fimo -nail things I made, so I decided to use pink & brown polishes and fimo-cookies to this design:

I´d like to eat them! :9
I like that pink a lot, all that silver shimmer and everything!
Posing with beautiful maple leaf! :)
Polishes I used: Pink charlie nail polish and essence 39, spicy.
 This weekend I was at Joutsa (visiting my father), and we went to Mikkeli. There´s a place called "Kenkävero" (in english it´s "Shoetax", I have no idea where the name comes!), It was very beautiful!

There´s a restaurant, café, shop and some exhibitions. And also a garden, but it was closed because winter is coming.There was also a wall, where people could write their pets names. I think that´s very sweet idea!

Text on the wall: My cats name is
We wrote our cats names there <3

Chocolate lollipop for me.. :9
Yey, that´s all this time. I was planning to a fimo-tutorial soon, what do you think, are you interested? :)

PS. (This is only in Finnish, I´m sorry, but the giveaway I´m advertising here is only for her Finnish readers.) Tyttö ilman helmikorvakorua -blogissa eli TÄÄLLÄ on menossa upea arvonta! Käykäähän osallistumassa. ;)


  1. wow cookie looks yummy!!

    nice blog
    love it

    i'm doing a giveaway and if you have time drop by!!

  2. Thank you! :D
    I have to check out that giveaway... :)

  3. Loving the pink as well, the shimmer is gorgeous *-*
    You should totally do a fimo tutorial :D
    I'm always scared to put those things on my nails cause I'm scared they'll fall off D:

  4. I think I´ll do that fimo-tutorial. :)
    I use nail glue to put accessories on my nails, and it keeps them well. Though I´m a bit more careful with my nails when I have something 3D on them... ^^

  5. very yummy nails :D they definitely look good enough to eat lol :D

    have just started my first polish blog :D have a look if you get a chance :D


  6. those cookies are so cute! I cant wait to see the tutorial :)

  7. Diava: Thanks~ :D Your blog looks great, I´m following! :3

    Samantha: Thank you, I´m working on the tutorial! ^^

  8. onpa sulosii koristeita! tuli itelleki heti mieli alkaa koristella kynsiä :>

  9. Your Blog is awesome, and finally I can post your some comments.

  10. henriika: Kiitoksia! Minun tekee aina mieli leipoa jotain kun katselen noita kynsiä... :D

    Jaana Marjo K: Thank you! I´m glad that the comments are working! :)