Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Trick or treat! It´s halloween! OwO Here in Finland halloween isn´t as huge thing as in America (for example), kids don´t go door to door collecting candy and we don´t have candy corn, which I think is such a pity. ^^' But we do celebrate halloween, there´s all kind of halloween stuff and junk in stores and some people arrange halloween parties for kids. We used to have those when I was little kid, it was so fun! :D Nowadays we just watch horror movies with friends... >:) Oh anyway, Here are my halloween nails:

Black and orange! Basic halloween mani :)
Polishes I used: OPIatomic orange and Kiss nail art black.
Then I polished my toe nails!
Rimmel Green Grass
All polishes I used.
I added little pumpkin on my ring finger!
It´s cute. :)

 Then I made (very simple) halloween nails for my sister:

GOSH: nero and rainbow on the top.

And look what I did! It´s not a gel nail, can you guess what it´s made of? ;)
 Okay there were my halloween polishings. :) I was also shopping in Helsinki! Look what I bought:

Nail polish remover
Graffiti nail polish! I´ve seen these so much, I have to try too. ^^
Here it is, I like it! :)
Rhinestones from Sinelli
Brown Fimo-clay
Some materials for jewellery making
 Yey, That´s it. I got all I was looking for! We also visited Helsinki bookfair.

Lots of books and people.
It was nice, and this time we had enough time to drop by the food and music sides too. Ah, all those delicious food samples! And look who we saw on the music side:

Haha, that´s Antti Tuisku, Finnish singer who came to fame from Idols. I´m not a big fan of his music, but it was interesting to see celebrity in real life.
That´s all this time, tomorrow it´s back to school again... I´m working on the fimo-tutorial, I thought it could be something I´d do when I have 50 followers. It´s getting closer and closer, thank you for all my new readers! <3
Sweet dreams everyone, keep your eye open for the halloween creatures! ;)


  1. Oh, that little pumpking is so cute!!

  2. Thank you! It´s made of fimo-clay. :)

  3. I'm a new follower!
    What a beautiful pumpkin!
    Visit my blog too if you like :)

  4. Sun kynsi on tehty teepussist vai mitä?? Oisin kommannu aikasemmi, mut en voinu. Terkut!! Söpöt kynnet !!

  5. Todella hienot kynnet :)
    Miten teit tuon kynnen jos se _ei_ ole geeli kynsi ? :)

    Liityin lukijaksi :3

    Jos kiinnostaa käy kurkkaamassa , miun blogia (kynsi/lifestyle.):

  6. Alice: Thanks for following!
    I visited your blog, it looks very nice! :)

    Mirka: Kiitos! :)
    Kynsi on tehty teepussin ja kynsiliiman avulla, ajattelin vielä kirjoittaa siitä johonkin postaukseen. ;)

    Kävin kurkkaamassa ja luen nyt blogiasi! Kivalta näytti :3

  7. Voi ku ihanan pitkät kynnet! :)

  8. Karzu: Oikeassa olet! ;)

    Pauliina: Kiitos! Nuo raidat saa ne kyllä näyttämään aika pitkiltä. :)