Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nail visitors

I was leafing through my new nail magazine, and I decided that I have to try some of them! So here we go:

My friends beautiful nails!
Polishes are: Charlie and NAIL STAR.
These are my sisters nails!
 And here´s where the inspiration came from:

And then I also polished my toe nails! I really like how they turned out:

Polka dots and black pearls, me likey!
Nail polish: Creative Starburst
I also used these on my sisters nails. :)
Kiss nail art polish silver
Inspiration source~

 One more pic of my sisters nails in the end:

Today I baked muffins with my friend! (her nails were the pink ones above) They are delicious, I´ll post pictures later. :3

Sippe was hugging my leg <3


  1. Looking quikly, I thought one of those had poké-balls on them.: D Haha, seriosly wtf moment for me.

    (...though Pokemon nails would be epic.)

  2. love the second design!!

  3. WOW, totally love your sisters nails.
    I have to try that one day.
    Must have taken ages :o

  4. Jatt-An: Haha, I have to try pokéball -nails! What an idea! xDDD

    Heli': Thank you~

    AnnKiins': She liked them too! :D They weren´t that hard to do, but yeah they took quite a while... :'D

  5. Love those<3 How Sippe looks that small?? Or then your leg is wide...O_o??

  6. My leg IS NOT wide! It´s just the camera angle! :---D

  7. Ihania kynsiä! Pitäiskin taas pitkästä aikaan kaivella Konad laatat esille :)