Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blingy French Manicure

I have been lazy with blogging lately, I´m sorry! But now I have something to show you! Here we go, first of all blinged up Hello Kitty frenchies:

Aww, they are so sparkly! 8D
Mmm, sunlight... ^^
I just added some rhinestones and Hello Kitty -stickers on that old french manicure.
I made those frenchies last week, and today I did new nails. Pink and black stripes! Take a look:

Golden Rose 91
NAIL STAR black nail art -polish
I like them. I´ve always wanted to do that black/pink combination, and now I finally thought it would be time for that.
And hey, I got an late birthday present today! :) Thank you so much, Puolukka! Just look at this!

It´s a Japanese nail art -magazine! I love all the designs in that magazine, they are so overdone and super cute. I want to try all of them! I wish I had more rhinestones and everything you may need for those Japanese designs... But I´ll do my best! That´s all this time, I´m now heading straight to bed and sleeping! :3
See you~ <3


  1. Groovy french! I totally dig the pink/black stripes!

  2. Oooh, a Japanese nail magazine *w*
    The Hello Kitty design is lovely~

  3. its so pretty!
    where did you get that magazine??

  4. JQ: Thanks, I like them too :D

    AnnKiins: Yeah, I´ve always wanted an real Japanese nail magazine... They are so cute! <3

    Heli: Puolukka ordered it for me from Japan... :'D

  5. Aaawww, hello kittyy<3333I just LOVE those nails you make !!>:3 >:3

  6. where did you get the cute hello kitty stickers?

  7. They are from Italy, it was a little shop which name I can´t remember... ;_;