Friday, October 15, 2010

Purple nails + SNOW !

Yesterday I went to Linnanmäki (Finnish amusement park) to see the Light Carnival. That means the whole park is open though is already October, and since it get´s so dark so early, all the colourful lights are on! There was so beautiful... And of course I had to do new nails:

I just love that colour... *3*

It´s Sinful Colors Daddy´s Girl :)
 And yes, as the title says... It´s SNOWING! It started last evening and continues. But it´s not really that cold, so there´s now slush and watery, but still. It´s first snow! :D

It´s real snow! :3
Omg, that polish is one of the most beautiful polishes I know!

 Yeah. And finally I want to share some pictures from the Light Carnival with you!

The old Roller coaster!
Oops, what happened? :D
Ferris wheel <3

PS. What do you think, are the bigger pics better? :)


  1. OOh this is a pretty colour! I haven't seen this one in my stores but I'll be looking!

  2. Bigger pics are much better!! Would you please take much more pics of snow?? It´s so beautiful!! You would take some pics where the nails are on the snow, snow is just SO beautiful<33

  3. latinonails: Thank you! :3

    JQ: I love it, I found it from sale, actually... Sinful Colors -polishes are gorgeus! *w*

    Karzu: That´s what I thought also! I´ll do my best with the snow pics, although there´s not much of snow yet. :)

  4. it is really pretty!

  5. Thank you~ ^w^
    And welcome to follow! :3