Thursday, November 18, 2010

Checkered nails (+SNOW!)

For a change, a nail post! ( More tutorials are coming though, I´m not finished yet!) This is actually quite old design, but I had time to post it now.

I think they´re cute ^^
Polishes I used: Rimmel London clouds, Diffi and IsaDora matte top.

I really like how they turned out, but I don´t think that the IsaDora matte top is matte enough, at least my nails were still shiny though I added it. Or does that look matte to you, look at the second picture! :< But can´t help it, I haven´t found other one. I´ll just  have to keep looking.
Anyway, inspiration for these nails is from HERE, my friend Katys blog. She has recently started blogging, and has some very cool nails and fashion related things in her blog. Check it out! :)
I also went to see the newest Harry Potter with Katy and my sister. It was so good!!! I´ve kinda grown up with Harry Potter, I mean the books and movies! So it was a bit nostalgic to see the first part of the last movie... I can´t wait for the second part! OwO
Wednesday was the premiere, and we went to see it then. It was very scary to sit there and save seats for my friends, when the angry and seatless Harry Potter-fans were surrounding me and giving me veeery angry stares... :< That sure was the last time I´ll ever queue alone! :'D
And guess what! It was snowing! It looks so beautiful outside now! *w*

Yes we have christmas lights already... ^^'
Poor Sippe, her foots are so short and there was lots of snow!
Niilo was so funny, she was so thrilled with all that snow!
Jumping around...
She´s looking cunning :3
See you soon! :)


  1. Aaarghh!SNOW!! I would love to have some too! I don´t think that matta nail polish thing is working..I don´t see the difference..But, awww, Niilo and Sippe are hyper cute in the snow !>www<!Look at the Sippe´s stomach, it´s touching snow, you see...We love our big cats!!

  2. Haha :D I know, but you just enjoy the sun there, okay? :)
    Niilo and Sippe were so excited with all that snow, you should have seen them! :3

  3. Kiitos! Siinä on 2 eri kissaa, onhan ne molemmat ihania <3

  4. Onks toi Niilo siis silti tyttökissa? Mut todella söpöjä. :>

  5. Onhan se, se on vaan niin isänsä näköinen... ^^'